Tesla Fleet: Travelers to Amsterdam will soon be riding in Model X taxis

Posted on May 05, 2018 by Charles Morris

If you’ve flown to Amsterdam any time in the past four years, you’ve surely noticed Schiphol Airport’s fleet of 167 Tesla Model S taxis - you may even have ridden in one to your hotel. Schiphol is a world leader in electromobility — it has used electric buses to transfer passengers between airplanes and terminals since 2014, and a fleet of 100 e-buses will soon go into service on six lines in the airport environs.

Above: Schiphol Airport’s fleet of Tesla Model X taxis (Source: Charged via InsideEVs)

Now the company that operates Schiphol’s famous Tesla taxi fleet, BIOS-groep, has announced plans to replace all of its Model S sedans with Model X SUVs.

Above: BIOS-groep is the company that owns this massive Tesla fleet (Source: InsideEVs)

After a few years of heavy service, the Model S are getting a bit old, and the company decided that the roomier Model X would be a better vehicle for airport runs, which naturally tend to require a lot of luggage space.

Above: A look back at the original fleet of Model S sedans that's now being replaced by Model X SUVs at Schiphol Airport (Youtube: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol)

BIOS-groep collaborated with Tesla to install its own on-site charging solution. Level 2 AC chargers charge the taxis overnight, and 60 kW Tesla DC fast chargers are used for top-ups during the day. All the electricity comes from renewable sources.

Above: Schiphol Airport’s on-site set-up for charging the Tesla fleet of taxis (Above: Source: Charged via InsideEVs)

“The Model S have held up beautifully since they’ve been put to work in 2014, having an average of over 250,000-300,000 km on each odometer by the end of 2017,” said Stef Hesselink, Managing Director of BIOS-groep. “We loved Model X, and the ability to transport up to seven adults as well as their luggage coupled with the high residual value of the Model S, made a very appealing case.”


Written by: Charles Morris; This article originally appeared in Charged. Source: InsideEVs

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