Tug of War: Tesla Model X vs. Toyota Land Cruiser (and a surprise)

Don’t try this at home, folks. Seriously, we don’t recommend trying this at all - it could void your Tesla warranty, to say nothing of damaging your relationship with some of your ICE-driving friends. However, like a lot of things that aren’t recommended, it was a lot of fun to watch.


Above: Bjørn's snowy Tesla Model X getting ready to do battle (Image: Bjørn Nyland)

For certain Tesla owners, there’s nothing more gratifying than showing up a gas-burning vehicle. If your vehicle of choice is a Model X, the victims can include not only rubber-burning sports cars, but big-ass trailer-towing trucks and SUVs. And what better way to show who’s boss than the vehicular equivalent of arm wrestling - a good old-fashioned tug of war?

Norwegian Model X owner Bjørn Nyland is a prolific producer of EV-related videos - his YouTube channel features not only practical tips on how to get the most out of a Tesla, but also completely impractical stuff like shots of Model X doors crushing things (mostly food).


Above: Tesla's Model X and Toyota's Land Cruiser get into a turf war (Youtube: Bjørn Nyland)

One of Nyland’s friends, the owner of a Toyota Land Cruiser SUV, made the mistake of  claiming that studless tires performed better in the snow. And what was the most scientific way to test this theory? Who knows, but the fun way was to connect the two vehicles with a strap between their trailer hitches and have a tug-of-war in a snow-covered parking lot (Inquisitr reported on the proceedings).

We’re not sure what the verdict was as regards the tires, but the outcome of the tug-of-war was never in doubt. Right from the word “go,” the Model X started pulling the hapless Land Cruiser backward, its wheels skidding uselessly against the snow. In fact, when the Toyota stalled and couldn’t be started again, there were some worried faces - had the fun gone a little too far? Fortunately, a jump start got it running again. However, the tires of both vehicles were badly burned.


Above: Bjørn and his wife brave some really cold Norway winters in their beloved Tesla Model X (Image: Bjørn Nyland)

As several commenters noted, this wasn’t a fair fight - the Model X outweighs the Toyota, and generates more torque. What if, next time, Tesla were to take on the biggest bully on the playground? Nyland ends his video by hinting that a Hummer may be the next adversary.

Bonus Video: Tesla Model X vs. Hummer H2

Editor's Note: It turns out that Bjørn just published a new video where he — sure enough — challenges a Hummer in another epic tug of war. Check it out below...


Above: Bjørn's Tesla Model X challenges a Hummer H2 with mixed results due to extremely icy conditions (Youtube: Bjørn Nyland)


Written by: Charles Morris; Source: Bjørn Nyland