Tesla Model S is America’s top 'dream car' on Twitter

The “dream car” is a staple of American culture. But what particular cars do Americans dream of? In a country that seems to be divided over everything from food to dog breeds, are we all pining for the same glamorous rides? In an attempt to answer these pressing questions, AutoWise studied Twitter data to see which cars people most often described as the vehicles of their dreams.

Above: Tesla's Model S (Photo: Casey Murphy, EVANNEX)

AutoWise analyzed over 100,000 geotagged tweets that mentioned “dream cars” and related hashtags such as #dreamcar, and found that automotive dreams vary across different regions of the country. The resulting map shows which cars are the favorites in which states.

And the overall winner is…naturally, the Tesla Model S, which is the most sought-after car in 20 states. The runner-up is the perennially popular Ford Mustang, which took the prize in 13 states. The Range Rover (6 states), Jeep Wrangler (4), Corvette (4) and Camaro (3) round out the rankings.

Above: Based on geotagged Twitter data, a look at America's "Dream Cars" by state (Source: AutoWise)

Of course, as Gear Patrol pointed out, studies of this kind are undertaken more for fun than for serious scientific purposes. A professional pollster might argue that the results reveal as much about social media usage as about automotive aspirations. Perhaps Tesla fans tend to be tech-savvy social media users, and perhaps like our hero Elon Musk, we tend to favor Twitter over, say, Facebook or Instagram.

Some of the findings, however, make perfect sense. Tesla was the favorite in the states where Tesla sales are highest, such as California, Florida and Washington. It’s no surprise that the Mustang took Michigan, and the Corvette took Kentucky (GM assembles it in Bowling Green). And it’s only logical that drivers in rural, rugged states such as Alaska, Maine, Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming dream of Range Rovers.

Above: Another look at Tesla's Model S (Photo: Casey Murphy, EVANNEX)

It’s interesting to note that Model S was the only electric vehicle among the coveted cars….or was it? A plug-in hybrid version of the Range Rover made its debut in 2019. Other dream cars will also have electric options soon. Ford’s new “Mustang-inspired” electric vehicle is slated to arrive in showrooms in the fall of 2020. In the not-too-distant future, a new generation of gearheads may be dreaming of performance machines powered not by gas, but by electrons.


Written by: Charles Morris; Source: Gear Patrol (via AutoWise)