Video Review: Tesla Model 3 is the 'coolest car' of 2017

Doug DeMuro is an uber-popular auto journalist and video reviewer boasting over one million youtube subscribers. DeMuro's quirky style and authentic approach make his videos a pleasure to watch — in fact, his Tesla Model X review happened to be one of my all-time favorites. So what does DeMuro think of the all-new Tesla Model 3? He (miraculously) got a test vehicle from one of his viewers and put the car through its paces. 


Above: Tesla Model 3 (Image: InsideEVs)

In his Oversteer column on Autotrader, DeMuro writes, "you might take issue with me calling the Model 3 the coolest car of the year, but you'd be wrong... this car is a sensation. When was the last time you saw people camping outside car dealerships? When was the last time you saw people plunking down $1,000 deposits for a car they've never seen? On the off chance they'll be able to take it home sometime in the next two years? Here's the answer: never. You've never seen that, because it's never happened before, until now."

What did DeMuro think of the Model 3? He notes, "First and foremost: It's full of cool, exciting, weird stuff. You'd think it wouldn't be, because it's not that big, and it's not that expensive." DeMuro was impressed by the unique HVAC system, center screen, and scroll wheel functionality on the steering wheel. That said, he disliked the styling of the steering wheel and prefers more standard instrumentation placement — yet acknowledges the BMW Z8, Plymouth Prowler, Saturn Ion and Nissan Quest have a somewhat similar layout.


Above: A look at the minimalist Model 3 interior (Instagram: tesladeutschland)

How about the Model 3's practicality? DeMuro was impressed with overall visibility and writes, "In terms of interior room, the Model 3 excels: I, as a 6-foot-4 person, had no trouble sitting behind the wheel with several inches of headroom to spare... The interior is refreshingly simple, with virtually no buttons anywhere... [and] with no big combustion engine up front — [Model 3] features a front-mounted trunk that adds a little extra practicality."

How was the Model 3 to drive? DeMuro likes that, "the 'long-range' versions do zero to 60 in 5.1 seconds — but it's the midrange power that's especially exciting; the Model 3 is raucously fast from 30 or 40 miles per hour — though 'raucously' is probably the wrong word, since the car makes absolutely no noise. It's like a drama-free BMW M3." And even though this is a lower-priced offering from Tesla, he was still, "surprised with its performance" that "stayed mostly flat in cornering" with "steering [that] is oddly responsive." 


Above: Doug DeMuro reviews the Tesla Model 3 (Youtube: Doug DeMuro)

So what's DeMuro's verdict? He concludes, "Overall, I loved the Model 3. I love the simple interior, I love the cool tech, I love the acceleration and I love the fresh and innovative approach to all sorts of issues other carmakers seem to struggle with. I also think it's a decent value... the Model 3 is an excellent vehicle, delivered by a company that's known for excellent vehicles, and I suspect all those people who plunked down a thousand bucks just for the privilege of ordering one will be largely satisfied."


Source: Autotrader / Video: Doug DeMuro