Volkswagen ID.3 GTX: The Electrifying Hot Hatch with 281 HP Set to Rev Up This Year

Volkswagen ID.3 GTX: The Electrifying Hot Hatch with 281 HP Set to Rev Up This Year

Volkswagen is gearing up to electrify the hot hatch segment with a significant power boost for the ID.3, its all-electric counterpart to the iconic Golf. According to recent reports, the much-anticipated ID.3 GTX (name yet to be confirmed) is slated for release this year, marking a thrilling upgrade in Volkswagen's EV lineup.


photo credit: Autocar


Initial rumors had suggested the ID.3 GTX might feature an all-wheel-drive system, but those plans have shifted under Volkswagen's new cost-cutting strategy. Brand boss Thomas Schafer has dispelled these speculations, confirming that the ID.3 GTX will maintain a rear-wheel-drive configuration, aligning with other models in the ID.3 range. This change in direction signifies a strategic move by Volkswagen, emphasizing efficiency and performance in a more streamlined package.


The heart of the ID.3 GTX's upgrade lies in its powertrain. The model is expected to be equipped with Volkswagen's latest APP550 electric motor, a significant step up from the current AP310 unit found in existing ID.3 models. This upgraded motor, already showcased in the new ID.7 sedan, boasts a robust output of 281 horsepower and 402 pound-feet of torque. When compared to the ID.3 Pro S – currently the most potent variant in the lineup – this represents an increase of 80 hp and 174 lb-ft. Enhancements such as improved cooling, new windings, and a more efficient inverter are key to the APP550's heightened performance. It will be intriguing to see how this powerful motor transforms the driving dynamics of the compact ID.3.


Beyond its impressive powertrain, the ID.3 GTX is expected to embody the essence of a sporty ride, much like an electric, rear-wheel-drive GTI. Although it's unlikely to reach American shores in this format, enthusiasts can anticipate an array of performance-oriented upgrades. These include a revised steering setup, firmer dampers, and a lower ride height, all contributing to a more engaging and responsive driving experience. The ID.3 GTX is set to be more than just a power upgrade; it aims to offer a holistic sporty package that will appeal to both EV enthusiasts and performance car fans.



Source: InsideEVs / Autocar