Shell plans to install 800 electric vehicle chargers at UK supermarkets

Oil companies are starting to invest in various segments of the EV industry, especially public charging networks. It remains to be seen whether their intentions are good or bad (or most likely, a mixture of both). They really want to be called “energy companies,” but we’ll consider using that term when products other than petroleum make up at least half their revenues. 

Above: A look at a Tesla Model 3 charging at a Shell Recharge location (Source: Shell UK)

Shell is at the forefront of this trend—the Dutch-based multinational has been offering DC fast charging at some of its retail sites in the Netherlands and the UK for a few years, and it also has ownership interests in a couple of public charging operators. Now the company plans to expand its partnership with the UK supermarket chain Waitrose.

The companies are targeting the installation of 800 Shell Recharge public charging points at up to 100 Waitrose locations across the UK by 2025. Each site is expected to have six 22 kW and two 50 kW fast charging points.

Above: Shell Recharge is coming to the Waitrose supermarket chain in the UK (Source: Shell UK)

EV charging is expected to debut at the first Waitrose shop early next year. This will represent the first foray into destination charging for the oil giant’s Shell Recharge-branded network, which it hopes to expand to 5,000 charge points at gas stations (forecourts to our British mates) and other locations by 2025.

“We want to make EV charging as hassle-free as possible and support our customers wherever they want to charge,” said Shell UK Retail General Manager Bernadette Williamson.

Above: EV charging with Shell Recharge (Youtube: Shell)

“This is an important partnership for Waitrose and means we can offer even greater convenience to more of our customers,” said Waitrose Executive Director James Bailey.


This article originally appeared in Charged. Author: Charles Morris. Source: Electric Drives