Uber drivers encouraged to drive electric

Electrifying rideshare vehicles is expected to deliver even greater emissions reductions than electrifying personal passenger cars, so it’s encouraging to see Uber taking steps to get more of its drivers into EVs.

Above: A Tesla charging via Wallbox (Source: Wallbox)

Following a pilot program, Uber has expanded its collaboration with charger manufacturer Wallbox. The nationwide partnership offers a discounted package to Uber drivers that includes a Wallbox Pulsar Plus charger, along with installation and financing options. 

The EV charging package will be rolled out in four geographical groups, and is scheduled to reach nationwide coverage (excluding Alaska) by the end of April. The two companies are also discussing a global rollout of the program, beginning in Europe and Canada.

Uber also offers drivers of EVs a Zero Emissions incentive that pays them an extra $1 on every Uber trip (up to $4,000 annually).

“Expanding this pilot program across the US is a natural next step as we work together to build more sustainable transportation,” said Douglas Alfaro, General Manager of Wallbox North America. “Our charger plus installation package has simplified EV usage for Uber drivers in the Bay Area, and we are thrilled to be able to offer the same support to drivers all over the country.”

“Helping drivers go electric is a crucial part of our plan to get to zero-emissions by 2030 in the US,” said Andrew Macdonald, Uber’s Senior VP of Mobility and Business Operations. “This partnership with Wallbox helps drivers by making it more affordable and accessible to charge their EVs.”


This article originally appeared in Charged. Author: Charles Morris. Source: Wallbox Chargers