Watch Tesla Model 3 SR+ shredding tires on the race track in 'Dyno Mode'

We've witnessed the Tesla Model 3 Performance at the race track multiple times facing off against other cars. However, this time around, it's the lone wolf on a dedicated race track courtesy of the Out of Spec Motoring YouTube channel. 

Above: Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus drifting on the race track (Source: Out of Spec Motoring/YouTube)

Making this a truly fun watch, the host of the program, Kyle, takes his mom to the race track in her white Standard Range Plus Model 3 and in the second attempt, he puts the Tesla in 'Dyno Mode' — a car testing mode recently introduced by Tesla via an over-the-air software update.

Tesla Dyno Mode

Tesla's Dyno Mode allows a Tesla Model 3, S, or X to be tested on a chassis dynamometer or a rolling-road dyno. Note: this is definitely 'not recommended' for driving on public roads and only by professional drivers like Kyle or someone like Brooks Weisblat from Drag Times who provides a helpful description of Tesla's Dyno Mode (summary below).

How to activate Dyno Mode

Dyno Mode on a Tesla can be activated utilizing the following three steps:

  1. Tap+hold the Tesla 'T' icon on the center touchscreen for about 5 seconds
  2. A dialogue box will appear saying 'Please Enter Access Code' — type in the password 'dynotest'
  3. Hit the left turn signal ON and press OK on the dialogue box

Above: Tesla Model 3 Dyno Mode warning dialogue box (Source: DragTimes/YouTube)

On a Tesla Model 3 when 'Dyno Mode' is activated, a small red warning icon appears on the top of the screen, tapping the icon will bring the above dialogue box, which lists the following safety and stability features now disabled and warns the car is not safe to drive in normal conditions.

  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) is disabled
  • Traction control disabled
  • Stability control disabled
  • Dyno Mode Enabled (Dev Mode Only - Do no drive on public roads)

Before Tesla officially rolled out its Dyno Mode, drifting with Teslas was achieved by pulling out the sensors and equipment for ABS, AEB, and related stability and traction control features. Last November Kyle did the same with a Model 3 in order to show the world that even an electric car can drift.

Let's watch the Out of Spec Motoring's latest video where this Model 3 SR+ truly burns some rubber — if you want to watch the drifting shots taken from outside the car you might want to skip to 17:00 on the video timeline.

Above: A Tesla Model 3 SR+ owner mom's son shreds the tires of her car on the race track by sliding and drifting (YouTube: Out of Spec Motoring)

Out of Spec Motoring posted their impressions while drifting a Tesla Model 3 SR+ on the race track with Dyno Mode (via the video description), "Kyle takes his mom, Kathy, to the Out of Spec Motoring race track for some fun. Kathy has never been around a track and today was the perfect opportunity... [as] his mother’s Model 3 Standard Range Plus was put through its paces sideways in Dyno Mode. Pretty impressive what the baby Model 3 can do when opened up!"


Written by: Iqtidar Ali. An earlier version of this article was originally published on X Auto.