Attack of the Clones: A roundup of Tesla Cybertruck replicas [Video Recap]

Cybertruck replicas are taking over the internet. It turns out that Tesla's Cybertruck has been an especially big hit in Russia. A few weeks after its launch, the first Cybertruck replica was spotted in Moscow, and the internet went bonkers. But that was just the beginning. Cybertruck clones have been popping up everywhere.

Above: A Russian Cybertruck knock-off (Source: Гараж 54)

The first Cybertruck clone appeared in some early spy video. It was built with a Russian LADA chassis for about 80,000 rubles ($1,290 USD) including the cost of the car. Yes, it's cheap but it doesn't look all that impressive. Nevertheless, this early attempt was definitely a sign that other DIY'ers out there would soon be ready to one-up this original knock-off and come up with their own (likely better) versions.

Above: First Russian Cybertruck knock-off designed over a LADA car chassis (YouTube: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty via Пушка Гараж)

But that wasn't the case right away. Another YouTuber, this time in America, made a phony Cybertruck on a really, really tight budget — using just cardboard and paint. It was affixed over a single cabin Ford F-150 pickup truck and some people actually believed (!) it was the Cybertruck viewing it from a distance outside a Tesla store in Atlanta, Georgia.

Above: Fake Cybertruck made out of cardboard over a Ford F-150 (YouTube: airrack)

Fast forward... and now the Russian YouTubers from Garage 54 have created a respectable DIY Cybertruck knock-off that looks pretty good. This version uses an old UAZ chassis as its base. The end product looks decent but, in my opinion, it's a little more chubby than the original. Also, (ahem) it's not electric.

Above: The making of the infamous Russian Cybertruck clone; Note: this version of the video is overdubbed in English (YouTube: Garage 54)

Sure, mass production of Tesla's real Cybertruck won't be this easy. But it will certainly be a lot simpler than prior vehicle launches from Tesla. In fact, Cybertruck's genius design is making it easy enough for some creative DIY'ers out there to scale it down and build a drivable go-cart style version that looks pretty fun (see below).

Above: A look at a 1:2 scale Cybertruck that's pretty cool (YouTube: the Hacksmith)

So what's next for in the world of Cybertruck clones? Well... something new is coming. While it won't be a life-size replica, a large-scale Cybertruck art installation will soon be unveiled at the forthcoming EVs and Tea event in Miami. Be sure to RSVP now so you can get a chance to check it out.


Written by: Iqtidar Ali. An earlier version of this article was originally published on X Auto.