22 year-old Swedish Superfan made these amazing, adrenaline-filled Tesla commercials

Tesla doesn't spend money on traditional advertising. But the Silicon Valley automaker has cultivated a tight-knit, dedicated community of owners and fans. In fact, Tesla's Elon Musk has an astounding 34 million followers on Twitter. He's built up a dynamic (albeit provocative) social media presence that helps spread the message as fast as his rockets fly.  

Above: Tesla's Roadster (Source: Tesla)

Within this global community of Tesla and Elon fans, someone (from time to time) will post a self-made Tesla commercial showcasing their love for the cars and the company’s mission. A 22 year-old based in Stockholm, Sweden is one such superfan. Billy Crammer is a video editor by day who also makes stunning Tesla fanboy commercials for fun. Crammer's latest creation is the electrifying ‘Tesla – Imagine’ video.

Above: Tesla - Imagine (Spec Ad) (YouTube: Billy Crammer)

Tesla owners have deep emotional attachments to their cars and the company's clean energy mission. Through videos like this, we get a glimpse into that passion. Not surprisingly, responses on social media often include kudos and retweets which further helps to spread the gospel about the company.

Crammer has also made other Tesla fan videos that quickly gained popularity in the community. Earlier this year, he posted his own version of a commercial for the Tesla Cybertruck. The video is packed with visuals and music that reflect the tough (yet avant garde) vibe of Tesla's forthcoming pickup.

Above: Tesla Cybertruck - Trailer (YouTube: Billy Crammer)

In addition, last year, Crammer posted a Tesla fan commercial providing a historical look at the company's massive battle to transition the auto industry (and car buying public) to a more sustainable form of transportation. 

Above: 16 years of Tesla (YouTube: Billy Crammer)

Crammer's thrilling ’16 years of Tesla’ shows footage from the days of the original Tesla Roadster to the latest developments at Elon Musk's game-changing company. It's a stark reminder of the company's humble beginnings — born as a tiny EV startup which has (miraculously) transformed to a global automaker with production and delivery facilities all over the globe.


Written by: Iqtidar Ali. An earlier version of this article was originally published on Tesla Oracle.