Pop Quiz: Which electric car is right for you?

Finding an electric vehicle can be a new and exciting adventure for car buyers. Sometimes getting to the finish line, however, can be a bit confusing. Tesla is always the easy (and often) obvious pick. But sometimes price, driving preferences, and other considerations create a myriad of other options. 

Above: A few of the electric cars on the market (Flickr: Jakob Härter)

Take Tesla's next-gen Roadster for instance. Electric or not, a two-door sports car over $200,000 might not make sense for a big family on a tight budget.

When evaluating EVs, it's important to consider range — especially if you like road trips. Of the over 15 four-seater+ electric cars currently available, only a handful can achieve a range of over 200 miles. Current options max out at a range of 370 miles with Tesla's Long Range Model S variant. On the other side of the spectrum, Honda's Clarity Electric starts at a mere 89 miles of range.

Whether researching online or visiting dealerships, the average car buyer might have to put in more work than prior efforts shopping for a gas-powered vehicle. In addition, self-driving tech, charging options, and battery advancements are evolving rapidly and that might make it hard for some EV buyers to keep up with what's available.

Having to comb through an ever-growing list of electric cars, both current and upcoming, isn't exactly ideal for most consumers. Many just want a car that works for them without any sacrifice. That is, in fact, 100% achievable with an electric car, but finding the right one and reading through heaps of numbers can be tiresome and frustrating.

To simplify this process, EV Compare put together a fun, quirky quiz in order to find out which electric car might be best suited for your needs.

Pop Quiz


Please, don’t treat the results as some kind of undeniable truth. After all, it’s just a system of filters. For a deeper dive, you can do some quick, convenient head-to-head research on EV Compare as well. If you're still unsure, UK's CAR magazine claims to have identified a breakthrough car destined to "change the world" — and yes, it just happens to be electric.


An earlier version of this article appeared on EVBite. EVBite is an electric vehicle specific news site dedicated to keeping consumers up-to-date on any developments in the ever-expanding EV landscape. Quiz courtesy of EV Compare.