Which EVs Have the Longest Range Per Charge?

Which EVs Have the Longest Range Per Charge?

Consumers looking to buy electric vehicles for the first time often share concerns around range. While many EV owners note that range is less of an issue than they initially expected, buyers will likely still want to know which vehicles have the longest range — especially if using them for long road trips.

Above: A Tesla Model S (Image: Casey Murphy / EVANNEX).

Tesla’s vehicles make up four out of the top ten longest-ranged EVs, according to Business Insider. Other brands near the top of the list include Lucid Motors, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Rivian and more. It’s also worth noting that the ranges listed are those rated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and real-world use can vary quite significantly.

The EV with the longest range is the Lucid Air, which has up to 516 miles of range per charge with its Grand Touring trim, according to the EPA. Technically, the base-level Lucid Air also comes out on top with 410 miles of range, which is good because the Grand Touring trim isn’t yet available on the market. Lucid’s Grand Touring is set to retail for $138,000, while the base-level trim starts at $87,400.

In second is Tesla’s premium-level Model S, which offers up to 405 miles of range and starts at $88,490. Third the Hyundai Ioniq 6 (361 miles), and this EV’s price floats around $52,000 depending on what’s in stock at dealerships.

Fourth on the list is the Tesla Model 3 Long Range, and although previous versions of the EV listed 358 miles as its range, the current Long Range trim shows a range of “325+ miles” on the automaker’s website. This would drop the Model 3 into ninth, with the Performance trim close behind at 315 miles. The Model 3 LR retails at $47,240 at the time of writing, while the Performance starts at $53,240. You can also find a base-level Model 3 for $40,240 with 272 miles of range.

The Tesla Model X is fifth on the list, selling for $98,490 with an EPA-estimated range of 348 miles. Behind Tesla’s premium sedan is the Mercedes-Benz EQS, with up to 340 miles of range and a starting MSRP of $104,400 for the basic trim. Finally, the Tesla Model Y Long Range trim is seventh, with 330 miles of range and a starting price of $50,490.

You can see the top 10 longest-ranged EVs according to Business Insider below, from companies listed above as well as Rivian and BMW. The table also includes prices at the time of writing.






Lucid Air Touring/GT

410 miles/516 miles



Tesla Model S

405 miles



Hyundai Ioniq 6

361 miles

~$45,000 (MSRP, not price)


Tesla Model 3 Long Range*

385 miles/325+ miles*



Tesla Model X

348 miles



Mercedes-Benz EQS

340 miles

~$104,400 (MSRP, not price)


Tesla Model Y

330 miles



Rivian R1T

328 miles




324 miles



Rivian R1S

321 miles


*Tesla currently advertises a 325+ mile range, but old inventory versions of the Long Range trim may have up to 358 miles of range.


Source: Business Insider