U.S. infrastructure readies itself for electric cars — which companies will build the charging stations?

Wise EV, a subsidiary of renewable energy service provider Wise Power, has selected charging station manufacturer Tritium to provide DC fast chargers for a new national EV charging network.

Above: A look at Tritium's charging stations (Source: Tritium)

The new network is expected to start with 25 locations at Florida gas stations. Florida is the number-two US state for EV sales, and received the third largest state allocation under the new National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program Guidance.

Wise EV plans to build its network using a hub-and-spoke strategy, centering the charging around metropolitan hubs and connecting those cities with Interstate highways as spokes. The eventual goal is to build a coast-to-coast charging network. The company plans to establish its metropolitan charging hubs in 2022, and connect those hubs with Interstate charging spokes in 2022 and 2023.

Wise EV offers customers a leasing model, which the company says is one of the most affordable ways to add fast charging to a property. Parent company Wise Power offers solar PV systems, scalable energy storage systems and EV charging stations for home, business, industry and utility-scale applications.

Above: A look at the latest tech behind Tritium's new electric vehicle chargers (YouTube: Tritium)

“Tritium’s chargers are a great fit for our business and expansion model, with their small footprint, upgradeable power and smart, customer-focused features like simultaneous charging and Plug & Charge,” said Wise Power CEO Kevin Williams. “With Tritium’s advanced technology, we’re confident that we can achieve our goal of creating a national EV charging network.”

“Wise EV shares Tritium’s vision of ubiquitous DC fast charging where EV motorists can drive across the country and within major cities with the full confidence they will have a place for fast charging, without planning,” said Mike Calise, Tritium President of the Americas.


This article originally appeared in Charged. Author: Charles Morris. Source: Tritium