Would SpaceX buy Tesla?

Elon Musk has been quite active on Twitter. Most of Musk's discussion on the social media channel has revolved around either Tesla or SpaceX — you rarely find information surrounding both companies in the same thread. That changed when Musk implied that he plans to sell a "major" stake in Tesla in "about 20 years" to finance future SpaceX plans.

Above: Tesla and SpaceX logos (Image: Brand X Ventures)

Fred Lambert at Electrek elaborates, "Musk is in a unique position as the CEO of two multi-billion-dollar companies: Tesla and SpaceX. Investors, analysts, and the public, in general, have long been fascinated about how he juggles his roles among the two companies, and now his many new startups, like The Boring Company."

Perhaps something else could be in the works here? When considering companies that might be interested in buying Tesla, Alexandra Scaggs writes (via Financial Times) that "Tesla could pursue any number of potential [acquisition] deals... [one possibility is] SpaceX, Musk's private rocket company. Such a transaction would leave Tesla as a private company, and mirror its own purchase of SolarCity back in 2016."

Above: Elon Musk's old Tesla Roadster was launched into orbit on SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket earlier this year (Instagram: Elon Musk)

After all, Musk told Rolling Stone last year, "I wish we could be private with Tesla... It actually makes us less efficient to be a public company.” And, according to Scaggs, Musk is trying "to reinvent travel via land, air, tunnel and rocketship." Case in point — The Boring Company will be using Tesla-built pods for its latest project in Chicago. And, Tesla's new Roadster will be available with a SpaceX option package.

Trying to figure out the overarching plan for this web of companies is like playing "eight-dimensional chess with Elon Musk." Could these disparate businesses triangulate into a Musk Industries conglomerate sometime in the future? Would SpaceX actually buy Tesla? Scaggs speculates, "let's imagine for a moment that this idea turned out to be right. Musk's choice to launch a Tesla into orbit with a SpaceX rocket suddenly starts to seem a bit heavy-handed, doesn't it?"


Source: Electrek, Financial Times