ST XA Performance Coilover System - Adjustable Damping for F56 MINI Cooper SE Owners

ST XA Performance Coilover System - Adjustable Damping for F56 MINI Cooper SE Owners
ST XA Performance Coilover System - Adjustable Damping for F56 MINI Cooper SE Owners
ST XA Performance Coilover System - Adjustable Damping for F56 MINI Cooper SE Owners
ST XA Performance Coilover System - Adjustable Damping for F56 MINI Cooper SE Owners
ST XA Performance Coilover System - Adjustable Damping for F56 MINI Cooper SE Owners
ST XA Performance Coilover System - Adjustable Damping for F56 MINI Cooper SE Owners

• External damper adjustment.
• Iconic design and excellent quality. Developed alongside KW Automotive.
• Latest damping technology for maximum longevity.
• Reduced system friction for effective damping adjustment.
• Individual lowering within the TUV-tested adjustment range.
• Average drop: Front 25-45mm 0.1"-1.8" & Rear 25-40mm  0.1"-1.8".
• For Mini Cooper SE Electric (F56) Hardtop w/o Electronic Dampers 2020+
• ST XA coilovers feature KW damping technology.



For drivers wanting more than just ride height adjustment comes the ST XA coilover. Developed alongside KW Automotive the ST XA allows individual adjustment of the damping to suit just about all your driving needs! Perfect for sporty driving: ST XA coilovers feature KW damping technology which allows the suspension to be made either stiffer or softer depending on the driving conditions. This damping adjustment is made on the upper end of the chromed piston rod allowing the setup to be changed almost instantly. If the rebound force is increased, the car will drive with even more track stability and further reduced bodyroll.

If the rebound force is decreased, the car will feel more comfortable when on the move. Any vehicle fitted with ST XA coilovers will act much more agile and sporty compared to standard. Easy lowering adjustment: Like all ST coilovers the lowering adjustment is made via a continuous thread on the galvanized strut. This even allows the lowering to be made even when the kit is installed by turning the spring plate higher or lower! NOTE: The lowering of each vehicle differs greatly with ST XA coilovers due to the type of construction. For example, older vehicles such as the Honda Civic (EJ9) can be lowered between 40-75mm with ST XA coilovers, while newer models such as the Audi S3 (8P) can be lowered between 10-40mm due to being much lower from the factory.

KW Engineering: Exclusive for ST suspension:The high-quality ST XA coilover is based on the twin-tube damping principle of low friction combined with pressure-resistant damper housings. Manufactured directly at KW, a mono block guide and seal package reduce the friction of the damper as well as protecting it against corrosion and dirt. Each galvanized strut is sealed multiple times to ensure maximum longevity in ALL weather conditions.



Warranty Terms and ConditionsEffective January 1, 2011. Supersedes all previous terms, policies, and agreements.

KW automotive North America Inc. warranties its products to the original retail purchaser against defects in workmanship and material for the following terms from the date of purchase:

ST Suspensions

Springs, Shocks, Swaybars 2 yearsBushings, Bump stops and Ball Joints 1 year Coilovers - 5 Years




Developed alongside KW Automotive, the ST XA allows individual adjustment of the damping to suit just about all your driving needs! 25-45mm F. & 25-40mm R. Front and Rear average lowering.

- Latest damping technology for maximum longevity.

- Reduced system friction for effective damping adjustment.

- Front and rear axle (when possible) with thread adjustment.

- Lowering range approved by the TüV

- Average drop : 25-45mm Front /25-40mm Rear

- Galvanized Coilover struts with additional coating for optimized corrosion protection.

- Complete solution with adjustable spring plate, race spring system, and bumpers with dust protection

- Dust Protection and Weather Resistant

- Two-Piece Racing Spring System

This kit is designed to be extra robust, with seals and coats on the struts for maximum longevity under any terrain and weather. For those that don't want to go overboard but still want that tweaking accessibility, the ST XA Coilover is for you.




ST XA Coilovers







Who Is ST Suspensions?

ST Suspensions (under the name Suspension Techniques) is a Southern California-based company that started back in the early 1980s. Suspension Techniques developed a wide range of innovative products and solutions in response to market demands for better suspension parts. Using only the best materials, cutting-edge technologies, and streamlined processes, ST was able to offer excellent value for their products in the automotive aftermarket. Not long after its inception, ST Suspensions garnered a solid reputation in the sport compact suspension tuning industry. This led them to even greater success as countless tuners and enthusiasts all over the globe came to trust and choose ST Suspensions for their driving needs.

The Sporttech & Speedtech lowering springs along with the ST way bar kits became a household name in the tuning scene in the '80s and '90s. And, in 1995, this newfound success attention attracted a new owner, Belltech Sport Trucks, who brought a whole new dimension to the ST lineup. With this acquisition, the ST brand was relocated from Southern California to Fresno, CA.


Bought By KW Coilover

ST was later bought by German Suspension manufacturer KW Automotive GmbH in 2005. Well known for its internationally renowned KW Coilover height adjustable suspension systems, the company purchased both Belltech Sport Trucks and Suspension Techniques to launch KW Automotive North America Inc. Having such extensive resources and backing one of the leading suspension manufacturers in Europe, ST Suspensions was able to innovate itself and develop products that match and exceed those produced by other brands on the market. Rocking its current nameplate of ST Suspensions, the brand boasts an impressive lineup of race-winning technology that has been expertly re-engineered for street cars in all markets (America, European, and Asian).

Commitment to Quality Products

The infusion of ST's new parent company took the suspension brand to the next level, expanding not only its application range but also adding the innovative ST Coilover program modeled after the KW Variant 1 coilover design. Today, ST Suspensions is pleased to offer some of the best suspension packages available on the market. Its kits are designed to work well not only on the street but on the track as well.

The ST Suspensions team uses high-quality materials that will not break easily, even under excessive heat and stress. That is why tuners and racers all over the world choose ST Suspensions for all their handling needs. What's more, all ST Suspensions' parts are designed to fit perfectly in the original part location without any modifications needed. This allows the end-user to simply bolt on the part and go for a seamless installation process and quality customer experience.

Why Choose ST Suspensions?

The ST Suspensions brand is catered toward demanding customers who want only the highest quality suspension parts for their vehicles. By bringing together its American and European product portfolio, the ST team was able to create its most extensive range of products so far. From springs, dampers, suspensions, height adjustable coilover kits, anti-sway bars, and other suspension components, its products are widely recognized for their unparalleled quality and performance, all at affordable price points. ST's overall goal remains to provide every car enthusiast with the right suspension parts that will deliver optimal handling and driving dynamics without compromising ride quality. The brand has, therefore, intensified its R&D efforts and consistently extended its range of parts to include more makes and models across all markets.






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