EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y

EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y

• Attractive, custom-cut, and protective rubber floor mats for your Tesla Model Y.
• Recessed wells capture sand, mud, snow, and dirt to protect your Model Y floors.
• Exceptionally good-looking, durable, and easy to clean.
• Stay supple in extreme heat and sub-freezing temperatures.
• Available only in black for every floor surface in the car exclusively from EVANNEX. 
• Usually ships the next business day. Available for international delivery.

*Note: These floor mats are designed for the 5 seat version of the Model Y.*


Mat Options

How to Select your EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats

Using menus above you may choose the "Mat Items" for your EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats. We also recommend you read the 'Notes' section to answer some common questions about these options. 


*As seen in the schematic renderings above, the "Trunk" mat covers the full/whole/entire trunk surface area with seats up, while the "Trunk well" is designed for the small storage "well" hidden under the trunk floor.


    1. Mat Shapes - EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats Mats are designed to cover as much of the exposed flat area of the vehicle floor as possible in an effort to keep dirt and moisture away from carpeted areas. We have created our own custom shape templates exclusively for the Model Y.
    2. Ordering Multiple Mat Items – Simply select the individual floor mat(s) item(s) you'd like and select the "Add to Cart" button.  Next, you'll be able to view your shopping cart to confirm your selection.  Then, go back (you may hit the “back” button) to shop the same floor mat product page and select the other item(s) and "Add to Cart" - now you'll see the combination you desire waiting in your shopping cart.  Proceed and follow the prompts to place your order.







EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats are an attractive, contemporary design built to protect vehicle floor carpeting from sand, snow, dirt and spillage while complementing your Model Y interior. The tight and recessed mat “wells” form a pattern that catches water, snow, and dirt easily, but also gives the mat a unique high-end look.

IMPORTANT: When you look for Model Y All Weather Mats, be certain that you're not considering Model 3 floor mats that have been re-purposed for Model Y. The fit will NOT be correct. EVANNEX All Weather Floor Mats have been designed and fabricated exclusively for Model Y.

Durable Rubber Construction

Heavy-weight, long wearing composition synthetic rubber

Stays supple/flexible, even in sub-freezing conditions

Excellent for use in beach, desert, rain and snow environments

Effective dirt-catching pattern, easy to clean—simply remove the mats from the vehicle and hose off the mats

Custom Fit for Maximum Coverage and Protection

Molded uniform recessed “wells” capture moisture, dirt, mud, snow, water, sand, spills and debris

Unique well design gives the mat a carpet-like look

Contemporary edge-to-edge material design

Flush edge material hugs the contour of your Tesla floor

Cut for optimal fit

Note: EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats should NOT be placed over other floor mats. EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats are designed as a stand-alone mat item and may not work properly if EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats are used over another floor mat.




Are my EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Model Y going to be the identical shape as my original equipment carpets?

No. EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats are fabricated using custom patterns for Model Y. They are designed to cover the exposed flat area of the vehicle floor as much as possible. In general, EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats can be larger than factory mats to protect more floor area. 


Can I place EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats over my factory mats?

No. All EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats are designed as “stand alone” floor mats and should not be placed on top of any other mats. Placing EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats over existing mats may cause the mats to shift into a potentially unsafe position. The correct fit of EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats is dependent on being placed directly on the vehicle floor. 

What if I want a color other than black?

EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats are only available in black in order to correspond to the color of the floor of your Tesla.

My EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats have a slight “new rubber” smell when delivered, does this last forever?

Because the EVANNEX® All-Weather Floor Mats are new materials freshly custom-cut for your Tesla at our production facility, the “new rubber” smell may be an "artifact" you notice when the mats shipped to you. Simply let them air out a bit outside your vehicle before you install them, and the smell will dissipate quickly. During that time, some vanilla will help to reduce the scent as well.

I have a Performance Model Y, and when I accelerate aggressively, the top edge of the front floor mats sometimes rolls toward the rear of the vehicle. Is there a way to stop that from happening?

The performance version of Model Y pulls significant G-forces during aggressive acceleration. The easiest fix for the issue you mention is to buy a package of 1.5 inch “T-pins” available at any craft store or on Amazon. Push the T-pin through to top of the mat at an angle and then into the OEM rug floor of Model Y. That should hold the top of the all weather mat in place when you nail it! As an aside, please be certain to obey all traffic laws.

Will EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats fit properly in right hand drive (RHD) versions of the Model Y?

Yes. EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats have been designed for both left-hand and right-hand drive versions of Model Y.  Right-hand drive Tesla owners (i.e., owners of vehicles available in England, Australia, Hong Kong, and other RHD countries) must remove the small screw-on EVANNEX badge on the driver and passenger side front mats, flip the mat so that its 'bottom side' faces up, and replace the badge on the new upward facing side. The mats can then be used for RHD. This operation requires a Phillips screwdriver and takes about 2 minutes. All other EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats require no modifications for use in RHD vehicles. 

Is there a Warranty and Return Policy on EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats?

EVANNEX® All-Weather Floor Mats are warranted for 90 days against defects in design, workmanship and materials. Normal wear and the requirement for periodic cleaning are not considered as mat defects. Defective mats will be repaired or replaced at the option of EVANNEX. The original dated invoice will be required for proof of purchase and Product Registration must be completed upon receipt.

Note: These mats are made to order and not returnable except for clear manufacturing errors. It is not a manufacturing error that the EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats have a slightly different fit than the OEM mats. Always test fit the mats before you contact us on a suspected misfit. In 99.9% of all cases you will find that the EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats fit as well or better than the original mat.

How long does it take to receive my EVANNEX® All-Weather Floor Mats order? 

The EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats usually ships within 24 business hours of receipt of order. Delivery time depends on your location relative to South Florida and is typically within three (3) days for the continental U.S.

Do EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats orders ship to international destinations?

Yes, we ship to International Destinations.  




As seen via Tesla Papas


As seen via Tesla Owners Online


Note: Reviews below feature Model 3 Mats which use the same finish and materials as Model Y mats.

As seen on Model 3 Owners Club, aka Tesla Owners Online — (Model Y mats exhibit the same materials and workmanship).


Note: Model 3 Owners Club President, Trevor Page, tested these in his Model X, but the same custom-fit style is available for the Model 3.

As seen on TechExpo

As seen via ISIP


As seen in Aniseh Sharifi's EV Blog

"The EVANNEX mats are perfect. For those who don’t know – EVANNEX is the preferred online store for all aftermarket Tesla accessories. They are a family-owned business, and they’ve been around since day one... [these] rubber mats will protect the floor of your car from salt damage. They will also just keep the car clean when you’re in and out of the car with your winter boots covered in snow."

Photo and review: Aniseh Sharifi

As seen in CleanTechnica

"I wasn’t planning to replace or upgrade the floor mats in the Model 3, as I loved the luxe feel of the stock floor mats, but with a 7 year old and 8 year old spending hours in the back seat every week, the utility of all-weather floor mats was simply too logical to pass up."

"Upon receiving the set of mats from EVANNEX, the first thing I noticed was just how heavy and solid they were. These things are built like tanks out of a thick, rubber material that frankly seemed a bit strange at first. I pulled them out of the box and looked them over but didn’t fully understand the design until I had them all in the car. At that point, I realized just how nicely the precision fit of the mats was and how much sense the heavy-duty rubber pattern made."

Source: CleanTechnica / Photo and review: Kyle Field

"The design is built to capture dirt and debris in each of the little depressions in the design. One of my main gripes with the all-weather mats I had for my Prius was how the wide open rubber tray allowed debris to move around so much. Living at the beach, sand is everywhere and the EVANNEX mats do a great job of catching the sand and containing it. It’s a small design nuance, but one that I have come to appreciate about the EVANNEX mats compared to the style of all-weather mats from the more mainstream manufacturers."

"The mats are also emblazoned with a nice EVANNEX badge that pops on the matte black rubber of the rest of the mat. My favorite mat is the trunk mat that adds a nice layer of protection and durability to the trunk so I don’t have to worry about scuffing up the less durable stock carpeting. The heavy-duty EVANNEX mat seems to just beg for abuse as I toss another skateboard, a suitcase, or some muddy hiking shoes onto it."

As seen in InsideEVs

"The standard carpeted floor mats that came with my Model 3 wouldn't do well in snow and icy conditions so I was deciding what brand of mats to get when I got the EVANNEX all-weather floor mats to try out. After using these for a while I really like them. One reason is that they have hundreds of individual recessed 'wells' that capture mud, snow, ice, etc... EVANNEX sells the mats for the front and rear seats, as well as for the trunk and frunk compartment. They even have a mat for the back of rear seats when they folded down so you can cover the entire floor surface of the trunk."

Source: InsideEVs / Photo and review: Tom Moloughney


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