EVANNEX Cyber Backpack

EVANNEX Cyber Backpack
EVANNEX Cyber Backpack
EVANNEX Cyber Backpack
EVANNEX Cyber Backpack
EVANNEX Cyber Backpack
EVANNEX Cyber Backpack

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• Designed Inspired by the aesthetic of the forthcoming Tesla Cybertruck.
• Easily and conveniently store Laptops up to 17.3-inch
• Great for school, work, travel and everyday use.
• Two Charging ports are included: Type-C and USB-A
• Convenient TSA approved zipper lock is included for security. 
Multiple storage compartments are available
• Backpack can expand 5cm (2 inches) for extra storage.
• Materials include a hard outer Polycarbonate shell made of durable and water resistant materials. 



We designed the EVANNEX Cyber Backpack using a sharp edge and angle design language inspired by the aesthetic Tesla achieved for its forthcoming Cybertruck. So even if you'll never own Tesla's truck, you can own this fun, cool, and whimsical homage to it. 

Our Cyber Backpack is a great way to showcase your Tesla pride with a nod to the new Cybertruck. This modern and futuristic laptop backpack will easily fit the needs of kids and adults. Made of high-quality materials making it a strong, lightweight reliable backpack for your laptop and other important items. 

Build Quality

The Backing of the Cyber Backpack is padded and breathable for more comfort, and also has adjustable padded straps to ensure kids and adults can use it. Our backpack has a unique outer shell design inspired on the new Tesla Cybertruck. Perfect for school, work, travel and everyday use.





The EVANNEX Cyber Backpack for Tesla Owners measures:

18.5 inches x  11.8 inches x 4.35 inches

Load bearing: 33 lbs (15 kgs)

Capacity: 20-35L

Weight: 2.9 lbs

Fits: Up to 17.3-inch laptops

Material features: Durability, High strength, and water resistance

Materials: Polycarbonate and Chromophore mix

Style: Hard reflective shell laptop backpack.

Bag Expands: 5cm (2 inches)

Water Resistant: Yes





Safe Locking Capability

The EVANNEX Cyber Backpack has a built-in anti-theft combination lock that will keep your items secure. Located on the side of the backpack, using a zipper locking system that is TSA-Approved. Safely store laptops and other items in your Cyber backpack.

 USB Charge Ports (USB A, USB-C)

The Cyber backpack also includes USB-A and USB-C charging ports, so you can easily power up your devices on the go.  Power bank included to power the Cyber backpack USB-A port.

Storage Organization

Case has been designed to hold 33 lbs. The case is made with multiple storage pockets, A comfortable hand strap for easy handling, Adjustable carry straps to fit your needs and a hard outer shell that provides better protection.  Includes 5 internal independent partitions with 1 hidden compartments and a small strap pocket. 

 Power Bank

The Volt 2200 mAh Power Bank is a rechargeable lithium ion Grade A battery powerful enough for smartphones, MP3 players and more. Its built-in red LED indicator lights up when charging. This reusable power bank charges via the included USB cable, which can recharge the battery backup or be used to charge devices with a micro-USB input, such as a variety of Android smartphones. Please charge the power bank fully before initial use.

• Power bank included
• 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium ion Grade A battery
• Input: 5V/500mA
• Output: 5V/1000mA
• Comes with USB to Micro USB cable
• Red LED light charging indicator
• Material: Aluminum

Note: Included PowerBank will only plug into and power the USB-A port.






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