Center Console Insert (CCI) for Tesla Model S

Center Console Insert (CCI) for Tesla Model S
Center Console Insert (CCI) for Tesla Model S
Center Console Insert (CCI) for Tesla Model S
Center Console Insert (CCI) for Tesla Model S
Center Console Insert (CCI) for Tesla Model S
Center Console Insert (CCI) for Tesla Model S
Center Console Insert (CCI) for Tesla Model S
Center Console Insert (CCI) for Tesla Model S
Center Console Insert (CCI) for Tesla Model S
Center Console Insert (CCI) for Tesla Model S
Center Console Insert (CCI) for Tesla Model S
Center Console Insert (CCI) for Tesla Model S
Center Console Insert (CCI) for Tesla Model S

• Designed for June 2012–May 2016 Tesla Model S.
• Easy to install and remove. Offers item storage, a cup holder with a stepped diameter and rubber stabilizer sleeve, and a universal phone caddie to charge your device.
• The only Tesla Model S center console with a customizable trim finish, upholstery color, and optional second cup holder.
• Made in the USA and available exclusively from EVANNEX.
• Usually ships next business day. Available for international delivery.



One of our most popular products. Since its introduction in 2013, this Tesla Model S Center Console Insert has been sold to almost 7,000 Tesla owners. The 2012 - 2014 Tesla Model S doesn't come standard with a center console, so this easy-to-install Tesla S Center Console provides you with item storage, a cup holder with a stepped diameter and rubber stabilizer sleeve, and a universal phone caddie to charge your phone.

This Center Console Insert (CCI) can be removed anytime and is the only Tesla Model S Center Console with a customizable trim finish and upholstery color, so you can match your interior trim. Simply select the deck finish and upholstery color you want from the pull-down menus below. You can also customize your CCI with the X2 add-on for an additional cup holder. This CCI is made in the USA and is available exclusively from EVANNEX.

Note: CCI has been designed for all Tesla Model S left hand drive and right hand drive vehicles from June 2012 - May 2016; however, the CCI is not compatible with newer Tesla Model S vehicles delivered after June 1st, 2016.




The CCI in the Tesla Model S


The Center Console Insert (CCI) integrates directly into the center channel area of your Model S. It has been designed to meld with the lines and curves of the interior, maintaining the open-space feel that distinguishes the Model S from many other cars. For more images of the CCI inside a Model S, check out the 'Features' tab for photos and video showcasing the CCI's functionality.

Carbon Fiber

The CCI is available with a carbon fiber deck that corresponds exceptionally well to the factory installed carbon fiber trim of the Model S. Grain direction and size, color, and a matte finish provide an outstanding complement for your interior. The following photos show the CCI—Carbon Fiber with Black, Tan and Grey upholstery.

Piano Black

Piano Black is a striking high gloss black trim finish that is mirror-like in its appearance. The CCI is available with an Piano Black deck that corresponds exceptionally well to the factory installed trim of the Model S. The following photos show the CCI—Piano Black with Black, Tan and Grey upholstery.

Matte Black

Matte Black is a sleek look for your CCI that blends into the black floor area of every Model S. Matte is often used as an automotive trim finish in many interior applications and provides a subdued and clean aesthetic inside your Model S interior. We recommend choosing the Matte Black trim finish if your Model S has a wood trim on the dash.




X2 - second cup holder 

For those Model S owners who desire a second well-located cup holder, the CCI is available with the X2 add-on—an optional modular second cup holder insert that pressure fits into the storage box.





The closed storage unit conceals your small items behind a tambour door, discouraging theft and providing privacy. The door has been designed with a brushed aluminum handle that complements the brushed aluminum trim in the Model S interior and a simple magnetic latch that keeps it from sliding forward. Closed storage helps you compartmentalize, de-clutter, and organize your things and at the same time, prevents items from rolling about on the open floor - reducing noise and distraction.


The CCI phone caddy provides a convenient, built-in location for you to hold your mobile phone. Designed to accommodate phones of all sizes and types, the phone caddy provides the capability to cradle and charge your phone for easy, immediate access. Using a USB cable (compatible with your phone) that you provide, the phone caddy integrates with Model S USB ports and does not impede access to them (or the 12V).


The CCI cup holder has been designed with a step-diameter cup holder design that is both ergonomic and immediately accessible to the driver. It can accommodate a variety of different-sized beverage containers. Because the CCI cup holder is within easy reach for the driver (or passenger), it allows the driver side armrest to be an armrest. For those Model S owners who desire a second well-located cup holder, the CCI is available with the X2 add-on—an optional modular second cup holder insert that pressure fits into the storage box.


The upholstered side rails of the CCI offer a number of important options not found elsewhere. First, they serve as a boundary that stops small items (e.g., your wallet or key fob) from sliding off the console surface during cornering. In addition, the side rails corral and stabilize your bag, backpack, or purse and can serve as the supple base for your laptop or tablet when you're parked.


The Center Console Insert (CCI) has been handcrafted to enhance the elegant curves and shapes within the Model S interior. We created the CCI to maintain the "open space" feel by aligning it to seat level—streamlined, minimalist, and low-profile. The CCI balances both form and function to provide features not standard in the Model S interior.




Take your Center Console Insert (CCI) out of its box and install it directly into the center channels of your Model S. In less than 2 minutes, you’ve got closed storage, a conveniently located cup holder, and a phone caddie to store and charge your phone. In addition, you’ve got a center console that was designed to correspond to the Model S interior design, accentuating the curves and lines that make the Tesla interior unique.

SIZE: CCI max nominal dimensions are 23.5”L x 10.5”W x 9”D (596mm L x 266mm W x 228mm D)

CLOSED STORAGE: The closed storage is 7.75”L x 4.5”W x 4.0”D (197mm L x 114mm W x 102mm D) and is enclosed with a gliding tambour door in black plastic.

CUP HOLDER: 3.5”/2.5” (89mm/64mm) stepped-diameter black plastic with rubber stabilizer insert will accommodate both large and small beverage containers.

PHONE CADDY: 4.0”W x 2.0”L x 2.75”D, (102mm W x 64mm L x 70mm D) designed to accommodate today’s smart phones. Contains a bottom opening through which your phone's USB cord (not included) can be threaded for attachment to Model S USB port.

CCI DECK: The CCI deck is flat for most of its length, allowing the driver to place a purse, bag, or other item on top (bounded by the raised CCI "rails"). The deck then curves downward to allow easy access to the Model S USB ports and 12V.

UPHOLSTERY: The sides of the CCI are upholstered with padded synthetic leather to correspond to upholstery colors offered in the model S interior. The sides of the CCI are accented with a shape that mimics the brushed aluminum accent on each of the Model S doors.

ACCESSIBILITY: The two USB ports and the 12V socket provided with every Model S are fully accessible when the CCI is installed. The CCI is designed in a way that enables you to use USB flash drives of any length and will not impede a connector for a 12V device.

LOW PROFILE DESIGN: The CCI has a low profile in order to accommodate the open space feel of the Model S interior. At its highest point, the CCI is only 9.0” off the floor. The CCI deck surface is clean and uncluttered (a nod to the minimalist interior design of the Model S).

SHIPPING WEIGHT: The CCI weighs approximately 9 lbs (3.3 kg)

The following warning is applicable only for California customers under CA Prop 65:


This product can expose you to a chemical (or chemicals) such as DINP that is known to the State of California to cause cancer (or birth defects or other reproductive harm for cancer and birth techs and other reproductive harm). For more information go to




Customer Reviews

We're proud to have well almost 7,000 Tesla owners worldwide enjoying our Center Console Insert (CCI) in their Tesla Model S. And, it's received the "thumbs up" from so many with reviews posted all over the web. But, for a quick snapshot of why Model S owners choose the CCI, check out a sampling of Model S owner testimonials here.

“We love it! My wife is happy to have a cup holder that fits the insulated cups she normally uses, and I am overjoyed to be able to have a drink in the car that isn't in the way of where I want to put my arm. And we're both glad not to have loose stuff rolling around in the open channel anymore. The craftsmanship is so excellent it looks like it came with the car.” Bob Macchione, Lutz, FL

"Center Console Insert is made with craftsmanship, blends nicely with the Tesla interior and was easy to install. All I could ask for." Lucy J. McDowell, Muncie, IN

"The Center Console Insert is absolutely gorgeous... It looks like it came with the car.” Margie Thompson, Lucas, TX

“A great addition to the Model S. Already the home for my sunglasses and easy-to-reach drink. High quality materials." Craig Huegen, Bartelso, IL

"It was easy to order, delivery was fast and [the Center Console Insert] product looks very good and is well documented." Peter Tazelaar, Krimpen aan den IJssel, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands

"Love, love, love the CCI. No more flying debris as my husband sedately takes the curves in his Signature Red." Siggie Stillman, San Jose, CA

"Just wanted to let you know we got the console and installed in 10 seconds. It looks fantastic and is really a quality piece of work. Thank you for your fast delivery." Fred and Pat Rider, Daytona Beach, FL

"The Center Console Insert is a great addition and was easy to install." Nick Campbell, Irving, TX

"Great! Could be a factory accessory it matches so well." John Dixon, Ontario, Canada

"Incredible customer service and quality of product. The CCI is an incredible piece of craftsmanship worthy of the Model S." Jon Rettinger, Irvine, CA

“Makes my Model S interior look more complete. Looks like a factory original part.” Stephen Taylor, Marietta, GA

"Totally completes my car!" Stephen Ou, Olympia, WA

“Center Console Insert is a high quality accessory... matches the original interior so closely that it looks like it was factory installed by Tesla.” Lawrence Chanin (President, Tesla Florida Enthusiasts club), Sarasota, FL

“Absolutely love it, what a gorgeous and worthy addition to my Model S. The match for the leather is utterly spot-on. Looks exactly like an OEM feature from the factory.” Jacob Pultorak, Wexford, PA

"Looks brilliant and matches perfectly." Keith Wilkinson, Anaheim, CA

"I love it! It was easy to install; it's seamless and looks, fits and feels like it was always meant to be in the Tesla! I will recommend it." Troy Zander, San Diego, CA

"Love the custom CCI!!! I didn't think the Model S P85+ could get any better, but I was wrong. Keep up the good work and products!" John Fujikawa, Los Altos Hills, CA




Installation Video Preview 



The entire installation process shouldn’t take more than 2 or 3 minutes (much less time than it will take to read these notes). You need no special tools.

Note: Steps 1, 2 and 3 are optional. Some users opt to connect their phone cable directly into the Model S USB port without threading it through the CCI. They use the phone caddie simply to hold the phone while charging or for other purposes. The choice is yours.

Step 1. Using your phone’s USB charging cable (not provided as part of the CCI purchase), thread the USB connector end of the cable from the opening of the phone caddie on top of the CCI through the star bushing at the bottom of the phone caddie. (Note: We recommend dedicating a USB cable for this purpose).

Step 2. Use the L-shaped plastic “hook” we provide in the transmittal envelope to help hook the cable and pull it through the hole in the back of the CCI. Thread the cable thorough the cable channel running up the back of the end-cap. The cable should fit behind the fabric flap that covers the cable channel. Leave enough cable to reach the Model S USB connector (if you like, the remaining cable can be coiled inside the CCI body).

Step 3. Loop the USB connector cable back over the deck and place it gently into the phone caddie.

Step 4. From the passenger seat, tilt the front of the CCI downward until the top of the upholstered sides of the CCI sit below the existing shelf (the cubby directly beneath to Model S touchscreen).

Step 5. Gently slide the CCI down and forward into the center channel area between the "rails" until it hits the edge of the existing Model S center tower.

Note: The CCI is designed for a snug fit. As it is being installed, the rear edge of the CCI may just touch to top edge of the center tower where the armrests and existing Model S cup holders reside. We have placed a felt-like fabric on the bottom of the CCI to protect the center tower surface as the CCI gently slides past.

Step 6. Use a little pressure (if required) to push the end of the CCI past the edge of the center tower, while also nudging the front of the CCI forward and rotating slightly to the right until the CCI moves past the edge of the center tower and then seats on top of the center channel.

Step 7. Move the CCI gently forward/back until the bottom curves of the CCI upholstered sides line up well with the top curve of each of the existing Model S center channels. Then slide the CCI back so that the rear end edge of the CCI sits snugly against the 45-degree slope of the existing rear center channel. Connect the USB cable to the appropriate Model S USB port. 

Note: do not be concerned if the side panels bend/flex a bit as you install - the CCI's side panels have been designed with some lateral flex to help with installation/fitment.

Congratulations! The CCI is now a part of your Model S.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us.





Featured in: CNET's "Insane mods for your Tesla"

"In 2013, EVANNEX created a center console insert for the Model S that lets you add extra storage and multiple cupholders. The addition also allows the choice of the deck finish and upholstery color." - Glen Gaslin, CNET (image: Black / Carbon Fiber CCI)


Featured in: Mashable's "Top 10 Best Gifts for the Tesla Owner"

"This product is one that solves a glaring omission from the interior design of the Model S: It was built and sold without a center console. I mean, where are you going to put your smartphone and, more importantly, your double half-caf Venti low-fat mochaccino? Thankfully the ingenious minds at EVANNEX saw the problem and fixed it." - Nick Jaynes, Mashable (Image: Black / Piano Black CCI with x2 add-on)

USA Today

"Steve Saleen is a top customizer who has taken on a new challenge: add more beauty and performance to Tesla's electric luxury sedan. Saleen was showing off the result here Sunday at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, the Model S that has been given the full treatment. 'It's the little nuances that make all the difference,' said Saleen... along with a center console and a cupholder [by EVANNEX]." - USA Today (Below: Customized Saleen Tesla with EVANNEX CCI installed, as seen in USA Today)


"... the EVANNEX Center Console Insert was a perfect fit — not too expensive for what you get, great build quality, and the core features I was looking for. On top of that, the EVANNEX team is great! Great customer support, great guys running the place, and great products... I highly recommend the CCI and the team over at EVANNEX." - Kyle Field, CleanTechnica

Fuertes Family Loves Tesla (in Spanish)

More Press

"EVANNEX has become synonymous with engineering the beautifully hand-crafted, and world's first, Center Console Insert (CCI) for the Tesla Model S. Being one of the pioneers in the aftermarket world, EVANNEX sets the de-facto standard on what true premium luxury represents." - Gene Liu, Teslarati

"The Tesla's open floor between front passengers' knees gives a feeling of spaciousness, but there's no place to put stuff. Sunglasses, wallet, insurance card, driving glasses, 5-Hour Energy shots, and the like simply get thrown on the floor... it looks messy. So I recently purchased a Center Console Insert (CCI) from an independent company [EVANNEX]. It snaps into place between the floor rails and provides a better-placed cupholder and a small closed storage area. It's a big improvement." - David Noland, Business Insider

"For Tesla Model S owners who want a little more console between their seats, [EVANNEX] has designed a unit that equips the car with a cup holder, a storage bin, and a phone caddy with USB connectivity." - Davis Adams, Ecomento

"On the floor beneath the touchscreen is essentially a shelf with rails that run up to the armrest console... some Model S fans felt the space wasn’t compartmentalized enough and the Center Console Insert was borne by [EVANNEX], a father and son company specializing in Model S add-ons." - Robert Duffer, Chicago Tribune

“[EVANNEX] plans to offer aftermarket add-ons for the Model S. The company's first product is the Center Console Insert, which slides into the empty center tray on the floor of the Model S just ahead of the front seats... And you can view the arrival of a dedicated aftermarket firm exclusively for the vehicle as another tiny indicator of success for Tesla Motors.” - John Voelcker, Green Car Reports

“Florida-based [EVANNEX] is entering the extremely nascent Tesla after-market product industry with just one product: a center console insert for the Model S. Or CCI for those in the know. With stitched leather and carbon composite components, the CCI not only offers storage but a place to set down a champagne glass for those who want to toast their good fortune (no, we don't advise doing this while driving).” - Danny King, Auto Blog Green

“[EVANNEX] has just launched the first of its aftermarket offerings for the Model S, The Center Console Insert (CCI)... It’s not a bad idea, really. It’s got a place for a single cup and a cubby for your iPhone and such with a retractable cover. [EVANNEX] will match the color of the tray to the interior color of your Model S as well.” - Nick Jaynes, Digital Trends

“Run by a Model S owner who himself felt the need for an addition to his car's interior... the first product launched by his company is the Center Console Insert, or CCI. It has been designed for the Model S to fit exactly under the dash, and extend between the seats.” - Andrei Nedelea, Car Scoops

“Enter [EVANNEX], an outfit that designed a custom 'center console' that slides into the space between the front seats. The unit provides a cup holder, closed storage, and a phone caddy with a USB connection. It's available in a variety of colors. This is only the beginning for the company, which hopes to offer a range of accessories for Tesla automobiles.” - David Herron, Plug In Cars




For detailed "Instructions" and "Features" (with photos/video references) please see the appropriate tabs at left.


Why do I need a center console with closed storage?

CCI closed storage is readily accessible to the driver and provides you with sufficient storage for just about every small item you might want within easy reach—sunglasses, snacks, ID cards, a small flashlight, your wallet, a multi-tool for on-the-spot repairs, a change purse, remotes, pens, etc... the list is limited only by your needs.

Exactly how much can I put into the CCI closed storage space?

Actually, quite a bit. Here’s what sits in our Model S CCI closed storage space: sunglasses, night glasses, snacks, a few pens and post-it pad, a small flashlight, ear buds for the gym, a small multi-tool, parking cards, an optical cloth for cleaning the display screen, and more.

Can I get the CCI with two cup holders?

Yes. We've created an add-on option (for an additional $30), the x2 modular second cup holder insert that pressure fits into the CCI's storage box in order to give you a second cup holder when you might need it. It's easily inserted and removed in seconds. Note: the x2 will take up additional space within the storage box leaving a reduced area for storage when inserted, but, it can be quite useful for road trips or for those that prefer the additional cup holder. Also, the X2, when inserted into the storage box, can be easily concealed by pulling the tambour door closed.

How does the phone caddy allow me to connect my phone?

The CCI phone caddie has been designed to accommodate any mobile phone. Using your existing phone's USB connection charging cable, the CCI provides an easy way to thread the USB cable through the bottom of the CCI and then into the existing USB ports provided as standard equipment with the Model S. Check our "Instructions" tab for video and written instructions.

Will the CCI impede my access to the 12V power source provided as standard equipment with the Model S?

Absolutely not! The CCI has been designed to allow easy access to all existing Model S equipment, including the USB inputs and 12V power source. Also, the CCI was designed not to impede most USB thumb drives.

I kind of like the ability to place my purse (or backpack) in the center channel area. Doesn’t the CCI take that away from me?

Actually, no. The CCI extends the center channel “rails” upward by about 7.5 inches (just at the level of the seats) and provides channels that bound the deck surface rather nicely. You can choose to place a purse or backpack on the deck surface and the CCI channels will corral/stabilize your bag and discourage lateral movement. [see the "Features" tab, and, scroll down for photos of a purse placed on top of the CCI and bounded within its center rails]

Can the CCI serve to extend the existing Model S armrests?

To blend with the minimalist feel of the interior, the CCI design had to be very low profile, so it is too low to serve as an armrest. In addition, the CCI design has to accommodate the existing USB ports and the 12V outlet. If we extended the arm rests via the CCI, access to the USBs and 12V would be impeded, and we didn’t want that.

How does the CCI compare to Tesla's OEM center console?

Tesla's center console is nicely executed and follows the same general design lines as the CCI. Both units have closed storage and phone capability. However, there are unique differences in both designs.

Function. The CCI compartmentalizes functions with separate, defined storage and cup holder areas, so all of your small items are neatly hidden behind the storage door, even when a beverage is placed in the cup holder. On the other hand, the unit offered by Tesla embeds its cup holder directly into the storage box, meaning that the box must remain open when a beverage is inserted among your small items which will remain visible. Also, the CCI design implements side rails that stop small items from sliding off the console during cornering. The Tesla Motors console has a smooth surface without side rails. The CCI also can be paired with our customizable Rear Center Console Insert for generous extra storage and two cup holders for rear seat passengers.

Design. The CCI allows you to select the upholstery color that corresponds to your Model S, while the Tesla Motors console comes only in black upholstery. In contrast, the entire deck of the CCI is generously fabricated to your liking in carbon fiber and gloss or matte black, accentuating the elegant interior of your Model S.

Price/Installation. The CCI is significantly less expensive than the Tesla Console, while providing the same functionality with arguably more robust aesthetic options. We also promise a defined delivery timeframe that has been honored time and time again with over 5,000 Model S owners since our product launch in early 2013. Last, the CCI can be easily installed and removed in minutes by the owner and does not require a scheduled appointment for multi-hour professional installation.


Can I customize my CCI?

Yes. A number of customization options are offered for those customers who want something special. You may customize the upholstery color (Black, Tan, or Grey) and deck finish (Piano Black, Matte Black, or Carbon Fiber).

But I want something unique. Why shouldn’t I just go to my local custom shop?

You can, but it will be expensive and time-consuming. On average, a bespoke center console produced at a local custom shop will cost about 2-3 times the cost of the CCI. In addition, the custom shop will need your car for a few days in order to measure, mold, and then fit the console they build. Finally, you might have to wait weeks or even a month or more to fit into their schedule.

Will the CCI upholstery and trim be a ‘PERFECT’ match for the Tesla Model S interior materials choices?

Because we do not have access to Tesla's suppliers and because the materials that Tesla uses will vary internally from batch to batch, it is impossible to guarantee an exact match. However, the materials we use are pleasing to the eye and will blend beautifully into the Model S interior.

Do you offer 'piping' as a decorative option?

We offer a variety of upholstery colors and custom trim finish options (for the CCI deck surface) to correspond with Model S interiors, but, we do not offer piping on the CCI as an option. It could be always added by a local upholsterer, although we believe it is not necessary or desirable.

I'm unsure, which "Deck Finish" should I choose for my CCI?

Feel free to thumb through the photos as you order your CCI to find the corresponding trim finish for your CCI deck surface - it's best to look on your dash in your Model S to determine if it's a wood trim finish, Piano Black or Carbon Fiber. If it's Piano Black (a glossy black) or Carbon Fiber — simply choose those options. For the wood finishes, we recommedn the Matte Black finish as it blends nicely with all interiors.


Do I need special tools or expertise to install the CCI?

No special tools or expertise are required. The CCI has been designed for easy installation. In fact, it shouldn’t take more than 2 - 3 minutes to install. [Check our "Instructions" tab for written instructions and a video preview.]

What should I do if my Model S has a "yacht floor"?

Nothing, the CCI has been designed for proper fitment with (or without) the yacht floor. Note: there is no need to remove the "yacht floor" (a thin plastic and veneer piece with rubber ribbing that covers the bottom of the center channel area) prior to installing the CCI. Simply follow the CCI installation instructions provided.

Is the CCI designed for permanent installation or can it be removed if I’d like to, say, clean it thoroughly?

The CCI has been designed for easy installation, and also for easy removal. It can be installed and then removed in the space of 2 or 3 minutes. One of the distinct benefits of this is that you can remove and clean the CCI outside the car, making access and approach a lot easier. Also, if for some reason you need to provide copious empty space up front temporarily, the CCI can be removed and placed in the frunk or trunk until your need is satisfied.

I plan on buying aftermarket floor mats for my Model S. Will floor mats affect the CCI or its fit or installation?

Aftermarket floor mats will sit on the floor area in front of both the driver and passenger seat. They will abut the outside of the center channels. Since the CCI sits inside the center channels, floor mats should have no affect whatsoever on the CCI or its fit.


Is the CCI made in the USA?

It is. In fact, the majority of the product—from fabrication to packaging—is made in Florida, with third party parts suppliers located from CA to CT.

Will the CCI fit in a right hand drive version of the Model S (for Model S owners in England, Australia, Hong Kong and other RHD countries)?

Yes! We've had hundreds of orders all over the world from RHD countries.

Will the CCI fit in new Tesla Model S vehicles?

No, new Tesla Model S vehicles come with a console pre-installed and it cannot be removed.

Is the CCI mass-produced?

No. Each CCI is hand-built using precision parts that have been laser cut for an exact fit. We assemble each CCI to your specifications so that it fits your needs and best integrates with the interior of your Model S.

Why do the front sides of the CCI bend?

There is lateral flex in the front portion of the CCI's sides. This enables the CCI to be placed into position with no impact to the Model S or the CCI. The sides will not move under normal driving conditions. The CCI structure is very strong, but we designed it with some lateral flex so that installation would not be hampered due to excess rigidity.

Will I experience any noise, rattles, or squeaks with the CCI?

After delivering over 5,000 CCIs, we have had no reports of any rattles, squeaks, or noise of any kind.

Okay, I know what to “Do” with the CCI, but, what are the “Dont’s” that will help to ensure proper use?

Don’t pour liquids or throw sharp or hard objects onto the deck of the CCI. Don’t use the tambour door of the storage area to support a heavy object. Don't put your full body weight on the side panels as you lean across to reach something in the glove box or on the passenger seat. And, don’t place a heavy object across the side channel extensions that are part of the CCI.

IMPORTANT: When reaching for an item on the passenger floor area or in the glove box, don’t use a CCI side panel as a "lever" to push or pull yourself back up. Although we build the CCI from high-quality materials and have engineered it for strength under normal operating conditions, the raised upholstered side panels of the CCI were not designed to support full or even partial body weight when applied laterally. It is possible to damage/detach the side of the CCI if you apply excess force and lean (or pull) too heavily on these side panels. Therefore, please avoid any action that will put significant lateral force on the upholstered side panels of the CCI.

How do I clean the CCI?

If there is an inadvertent spill, mop up with a soft cloth as quickly as possible and then clean the deck with damp cloth. Never pour water or any other cleaner directly onto the CCI deck. We recommend Eagle One Wax-As-You-Dry for cleaning and to remove a slight tacky feel that may be present upon delivery. The upholstered sides of the CCI can be cleaned using products such as Armor-All or a similar cleaner.

Note: The CCI can be easily removed from the center channels of the Model S and cleaned outside the vehicle. Be sure to remember to detach your phone's USB cable before you remove the CCI. After cleaning the CCI, if you’d also like to increase how smoothly the tambour door glides, you may apply silicon spray into the tracks at the rear of the door.


How did you arrive at CCI pricing?

The CCI is a hand-built bespoke accessory designed specifically for the Tesla Model S. We designed a product that matches the curves of the Model S interior and complements the minimalist design philosophy that makes the Model S so beautiful. We spent months working on design and many hundreds of hours perfecting it. Because the CCI has been on the market for years, we've been able to find cost savings that we can now pass along to our customers.

Why do different CCI customization options result in different prices?

Real Carbon Fiber, Piano Black, and Matte Black trim finishes and different upholstery colors are available at different price points. The reason for these price differences comes from the different costs of deck surfaces/upholstery and the different labor costs required to fabricate and assemble each unit.


How long does it take to receive my CCI Order?

The EVANNEX CCI usually ships within 24 business hours of receipt of order. Delivery time depends on your location relative to South Florida and is typically within three (3) days for the continental U.S.

Does the CCI ship to international destinations?

Yes, the CCI ships internationally.


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