Hi.  My name is Roger Pressman (a.k.a. “Soflauthor” on the forums dedicated to the Model S), and I’m one of the owners (along with my sons, Matt and Mike) of EVannex®. By way of introduction, I’ve had a checkered technology background as an engineer, a manager, a professor, an author, and a consultant.  So how did I get involved in the automotive accessories business?  

Here’s my story... I began following Tesla Motors in 2009 and tracked the evolution of the Tesla Model S every month. I lurked on the Forums, read whatever press was generated, and hoped that the car would meet its promise. At first, I wasn’t sure the Model S would ever get past the concept stage, but as the design evolved, I began to get excited. I had wanted an elegant EV for many years—one with premium car looks, long range, and excellent performance. The Model S seemed to be that car. But I held back.

A few years later I happened to see the Model S alpha prototype on display in Miami and all of my hesitancy vanished. I put down a deposit for a Model S three days later.

As the Model S prototype evolved into later versions, Tesla began revealing interior design details. Their design philosophy was minimalist, adopted to accentuate the flat floor of an EV, to focus attention of the car’s spectacular display, and to provide a high tech feel. I got that, but like many others who visited the forums dedicated to the Model S, I wanted a more robust solution for the central channel area—a place to store a few small items within easy reach, a location to charge my phone, a convenient place to put a cup of coffee or a bottle of water.

The great “center console debates” raged on the forums for many months, and I decided that words alone weren’t sufficient. I posted 2 or 3 different designs, beginning with stick figures, and moving on to simple and then more detailed sketches. I got a lot of constructive criticism and a lot of encouragement from the denizens of the forums, and I decided to take things to the next level. I built a foam model of a center console as a proof concept, put it into a beta car at the Dania Beach, FL store, and posted pictures to still more constructive criticism and encouragement. After multiple design iterations (see the photos to the right), the result is the Center Console Insert, the CCI, our premiere product.

Tesla Model S center console insert design

Actually, I think it’s kind of cool to be a very early adopter of the Model S (VIN #184, see image at right) and also be involved in some small way in the creation of a Model S ecosystem. The Model S is a great car. I hope that by creating a simple, functional, and affordable accessory we’ll make a great car just a little bit better.

Photos from top to bottom: 1. Very early line drawing of first CCI concept proposed on forum in early 2012; 2. Foam model of first CCI prototype -- proof of concept; 3. First CAD drawing of an early CCI design; 4. Wood prototype of the CCI as it evolved; 5. My Model S, VIN #184, being delivered in early October, 2012.

Rodger Pressman Tesla Model S delivered

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