EV Curriculum Courses

EVU is a free, open ‘university’ that presents concise, video based mini-courses for those who have interest in electric vehicles (EVs) in general and/or the Tesla Model S (and other EVs in the future).


The intent of the EV curriculum track is to present introductory and more advanced mini-courses that cover important aspects of electric vehicles. This track allows the average car buyer to better understand EVs, demystifying the technology that underlies the vehicles, indicating the various options open to those who are considering EVs, and describing the core elements that are part of every EV. 

Please click on any of the red links (below) to select and start your EV mini-course. 

EV 101       Introduction

EV 102       Basic Concepts

EV 103       EV Architecture, Components

EV 104       EV Architecture, BEVs & PHEVs

EV 105       EV Architecture, Diagrams

EV 106       EV Architecture, Production Examples

EV 201       EV Range 

EV 202       Range Anxiety 

EV 205       Regenerative Braking

EV 210       EV Battery Technology

EV 220       Economics of EV Ownership—Basics

EV 221       Economics of EV Ownership—A Quantitative View

EV 230       Establishing Your Own EV Infrastructure

EV 250       The EV Debate

EV 310       BEVs vs. FCEVs

Learn more: EVU Study Guide

Every EVU mini-course is intended to stand on its own and will provide you with useful information about a targeted EV topic. Our intent is to provide enough information to allow you to understand various aspects of EVs, but not so much that we discourage non-technical students from participating. We recognize that some students may have additional interest in a specific topic and therefore want to delve more deeply into the subject matter. If you want to learn more and obtain a copy of the EVU Study Guide click the corresponding button.

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