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We designed the EVANNEX Cyber Backpack using a sharp edge and angle design language inspired by the aesthetic Tesla achieved for its forthcoming Cybertruck. So even if you'll never own Tesla's truck, you can own this fun, cool, and whimsical homage to it. 

Our Cyber Backpack is a great way to showcase your Tesla pride with a nod to the new Cybertruck. This modern and futuristic laptop backpack will easily fit the needs of kids and adults. Made of high-quality materials making it a strong, lightweight reliable backpack for your laptop and other important items. 

Specs and Features

Load bearing: 33 lbs (15 kgs)

Capacity: 20-35L

Weight: 2.9 lbs

Fits: Up to 17.3-inch laptops

Style: Hard reflective shell laptop backpack.

Bag Expands: 5cm (2 inches)

Water Resistant: Yes

Also Includes two great features, that most backpacks don't have:

Safe Locking Capability

The EVANNEX Cyber Backpack has a built-in anti-theft combination lock that will keep your items secure. Located on the side of the backpack, using a zipper locking system that is TSA-Approved.

USB Charging Capability

The EVANNEX Cyber Backpack features charging capability. With two charging ports, (1) USB port and (1) USB Type-C port making it easy to charge your devices at any time. A great feature when traveling.

Note: Power Bank Not Included


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