When Tesla first launched the Roadster in 2008, it was a rarity on the streets, and drew stares everywhere. Nowadays, Teslas are becoming commonplace, and in most parts of the country, a Model S, Model X, Model 3, or Model Y, is unlikely to inspire a second glance. Although Tesla allows you to configure your car with different colors and wheels, the options are limited, so the big question is: how can you make a Tesla more distinctive?

Above: Older Tesla Model 3 with the chrome delete vinyl kit (Source: EVANNEX Photo by Casey Murphy)

Individuality is a hallmark of car ownership, and this is especially true for Tesla owners. Just owning a Tesla makes you different—you field questions about charging, range, regenerative braking and Autopilot, and you should try to educate the EV-curious as much as you can. That said, as Teslas become increasingly mainstream, it’s fun to give your car a “signature look” that’s your own. 

Some Tesla owners choose to dramatically change the profile of their Model 3 with our Custom Front Fascia bumper replacement or our Front Lip Spoiler. For a less radical but very striking change of appearance, try a Chrome Delete Vinyl Kit for older Tesla Model 3 vehicles. 

We also offer some beautiful and easy to install carbon fiber exterior accents.  We have matte carbon fiber, gloss carbon fiber, and newly released forged carbon fiber trunk spoiler for your Tesla Model 3.  We carry those same carbon fiber accents up front with EVANNEX carbon fiber fog light trim.  Both products are easy to install and help upgrade your Model 3 exterior, and even the Tesla Model Y!

Above: EV01+ Wheels on a Tesla Model 3 

Another major aesthetic upgrade is EV01+ wheels, which are designed exclusively for all Tesla Model 3 trims, and work with Tesla factory lug nuts and wheel center caps. These not only give your Model 3 a distinctive look—they’re designed for maximal aerodynamic performance, so they might just improve your efficiency as well.

You don’t have to spend a lot to make your Tesla look cooler—Vinyl Headlight Accent Kit or Lug Nut Covers will give your car a distinctive look for less than a poor old ICE driver would spend on a tank of gas. These low-cost accessories make great gifts for the Tesla owners on your Christmas list.

Above: Interior Vinyl Kit for Tesla Model 3

Good looks are also important once you step inside the car. To brighten up your interior, check out the LED Lighting Upgrade Kit. To add a sleek, distinctive look that complements Tesla’s trademark minimalist design, try an Interior Vinyl Kit. Finally, give your pedals a practical non-slip feel, while also adding a subtle but sharp accent to your interior with our Performance Pedal Covers.

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