In any luxury vehicle, it’s the little things that make a car’s interior feel special. Many Tesla owners love the driving experience so much that they more or less live in their cars, driving for work, play, and pleasure as much as possible, and a few more “creature comforts” are always appreciated.

Above: Tesla's Model 3 (Source: EVANNEX; Photo by Casey Murphy)

Listening to your favorite tunes as you cruise down the road is one of the greatest joys of driving. Audio System Upgrades will beef up the bass and clarify the highs to deliver a true audiophile experience.

And what’s under your feet? Tesla’s factory floor mats are handsome, but they’re pretty thin. Instead, you might want to check out 1/2-inch-thick, deep-pile Luxe Floor Mats that are so soft, you’ll want to drive barefoot.

Or, if you live in a snowy or muddy climate, you may prefer a rugged rubber floor mat. All-Weather Floor Mats can capture sand, mud, snow and ice before they mess up the floors in your Tesla. These are easy to clean, and stay supple in extreme heat and sub-freezing temperatures.

 Above: ALL-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Owners

If you prefer an “executive seating” configuration in your back seat, install a Rear Center Console Insert for Tesla Model S and Model X. It provides a small storage compartment, two convenient cup holders, and a center armrest for the rear bench seat. It’s easy to install and remove, and comes in several colors to match Tesla's upholstery options.

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