How to improve performance in your Tesla

How can you improve the performance of a Tesla? The car is (almost) perfect. Typically, when referring to performance, you may think of improving speed or range. Unfortunately, their aren't any easy ways to make your Tesla go any faster. Sure, you can select the "Ludicrous" mode, and, yes — if you're racing your Tesla, it's best to do so on a full charge. That's when it goes quickest. However, to get any substantial difference, you'll simply have to trade your Tesla in for a higher performance model.  

Above: Tesla's Model 3 (Image: Charged)

When it comes to range though... there are some helpful tips. There are some factors that will greatly affect your driving range. Racing the car as fast as you can, constantly, can eat up range quickly. And, cold weather is usually a big culprit. But, other factors — including hills, wind, and your Tesla's interior climate control system could also eat up some range. When (and if) possible you can try to mitigate these factors. An easier approach: make sure your settings have "range mode" set to "on" and regenerative braking set to "standard" in order capture as much energy back into the battery as possible.

Above: Parts and accessories to improve Tesla performance


One thing you can do to help out on lengthy (out of the way) road trips is get our Road Trip Charging Kit. Not every route has a Tesla Supercharger. So we've put together a helpful "kit" for your road trip needs. Complete with an extension cord and a variety of charging adaptors (for places with dryer plugs, RV parks, and A/C outlets), this kit can help you charge in a pinch.

Above: Road trip charging kit for Tesla owners

Another area to improve performance is with your Tesla's interior lighting. Unfortunately, Tesla's factory lights are fairly dim — this can be especially difficult when searching your trunk or frunk when camping outdoors at night, or, parked in a dark parking garage. We've got an LED lighting upgrade kit to improve brightness in your trunk, frunk and interior. 

Above: LED lighting upgrade kit

In any event, hopefully a few of these tips, tricks, and accessories can help you to improve the performance of your Tesla.

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