When it comes to storage, Tesla’s vehicles are famous for offering a remarkable amount of space. Not only does each model have a spacious trunk and a frunk, but because the battery pack is placed under the floor pan, a Tesla doesn’t need the transmission “hump” that limits interior space (and looks ugly to boot) in a gas-powered vehicle.

Above: Tesla Model Y (Source: EVANNEX Photo by Casey Murphy )

However, although your Tesla has copious interior space, its design language is one of modern minimalism. That’s cool, but, once you’ve owned your Tesla for a while, you may feel the need for some helpful storage solutions to better organize your stuff.

Why? We live in our cars. For many of us, it’s our home whenever we’re on the go. And sometimes, you might have to wait a bit at a Supercharger and choose to do some work in the passenger cabin. However, Tesla doesn’t always include enough pockets, hooks or compartments for essential storage. All too often, your stuff will find its way onto the floor. Here are some solutions you might find helpful.

Teslas have plenty of storage in the trunk, and there’s extra storage in the cargo well hidden under the floor of the trunk. But the cargo well is just a recessed, open space—it doesn’t have partitions to help consolidate your items and keep the area neat and organized. A Trunk Organizer can do the trick. 

Above: Trunk Organizer for Tesla Model X

Tesla’s frunk is a unique innovation that gives you a little extra storage space. But here’s a way to really get the most out of your frunk, especially on camping trips, tailgate parties or other outdoor events: keep your food and drinks chilled with our Frunk Cooler, which is available for Models X, 3 and Y.

Now let’s look at the front seat area. As you may have learned, if you loan out your Model 3 or Y to a valet or friend, you need to put the key card in a certain area, near the cup holders, where it often slides off and gets lost.  The best solution to this problem is CardRails, which will keep your key card in the right in position.

Our Cup Holder Insert and Glove Box Organizer also add a little extra convenience to your Tesla ownership experience (and these low-priced items make great gifts for your fortunate friends who drive Teslas).

After you take delivery of a Tesla, it's always helpful to enhance the ownership experience with a few products, like these, that can help keep the interior neat, organized and more functional for both the driver and the passengers. 

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