Seasonal weather extremes are tough on cars. By all accounts, Teslas are more resilient than most, but they can take their share of punishment from winter ice storms and summer heat. And it’s not just vehicles that need protection—what about the driver and passengers who have to endure freezing or hot temperatures? 

Above: Tesla Model Y (Source: EVANNEX Photo by Casey Murphy)

The most important thing is to protect the exterior of your Tesla against the elements when it’s parked outside. For that, a Car Cover is a reliable way to shield your Tesla from dust, pollen, rain, snow and the paint’s worst enemy—the sun. Even in temperate climates, years of baking in the summer sun will slowly destroy your paint job and your car’s resale value. So if you don’t have a garage to park your Tesla in, a Car Cover is a must-have item that will quickly pay for itself.

Above: Benefits of a car cover

Too much sun is also a threat to your interior fittings. Yes, the greenhouse effect is real, and it can quickly bring the interior of your car to oven temperature, which will eventually crack your dashboard and shorten the life of your electronics. To keep your Tesla interior cool and protected, check out our custom-designed Sunshades.

You may also want to try our Mesh Roof Sunshade for Model 3, which reduces the amount of light and heat the glass roof allows to enter the vehicle.

In colder climates, winter time is dirt time. Snow, ice and mud can quickly make a mess of the floor mats, and they aren’t so easy to clean. Also, keeping factory mats pristine will help maximize resale value. Many Tesla owners choose All-Weather Floor Mats to protect their floors when enjoying winter sports, camping, and other activities that tend to create a mess on the floor. 

In the summer, it’s your seats that tend to suffer. The aftermath of outdoor activities may deposit remnants of salt water, sunscreen or good old human sweat, which will slowly discolor your upholstery. (If you have kids or pets, add ice cream and other sticky stuff to the list.) A Seat Hoodie offers a quick fix and a layer of temporary protection for your Tesla.

Cold-climate drivers know that wheel wells also take a lot of abuse in winter driving. Mud Flaps are a great solution to help protect your Tesla from snow, mud and road salt, and can deflect road debris from your body panels.

Of course, summer isn’t just a time to worry about ruining your seats—we have several Tesla accessories that are designed just for fun. A Frunk Cooler is sure to be a big hit at cookouts, beach days and tailgate parties. 

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