EVU is a free, open ‘university’ that presents concise, video based mini-courses for those who have interest in electric vehicles (EVs) in general and/or the Tesla Model S (and other EVs in the future).


The intent of the Model S curriculum track is to present introductory and more advanced mini-courses that cover important aspects of the Tesla Model S. The track addresses both those who are considering the purchase of the vehicle and those who already own the car to better understand the Model S, demystifying the technology that underlies the Model S, indicating the various options open to those who are considering purchase or lease, and presents tips and tricks that may be of interest to existing Model S owners.

Please click on any of the red links (below) to select and start your Tesla Model S mini-course.

MS 101      Introducing Model S 

MS 102      Model S Features

MS 103      The Acquisition Decision

MS 104      The Benefits of Ownership

MS 201      Building the Model S 

MS 310      Tips for Model S Owners, Driving

MS 311      Tips for Model S Owners, Interior

MS 312      Tips for Model S Owners, Charging

MS 313      Tips for Model S Owners, Touch Screen & Telematics 

MS 314      Tips for Model S Owners, Other Features