If you like reading about Tesla road trips, there are some great stories about family road trips, European road trips, winter road trips, skiing and snowboarding trips, and many more. There's also some helpful tips and tricks for electric road trips from several veterans of the road, including Brad Templeton, who described some charging strategies, and Steve Sasman, who took an epic 48-state road trip, visiting 107 Tesla stores.

But what should you bring along on a Tesla road trip? To make Tesla road trips much more convenient, stress-free and fun, many road warriors bring along a Road Trip Charging Kit during their travels. Superchargers are found almost everywhere these days. But there are still times when you can't easily find (or get to) one.

The Road Trip Charging Kit allows you to access charging at non-conventional locations. The kit includes a 30-foot extension cable that connects directly to your Tesla charging cable, and four UL-certified charging adapters that will let you connect to almost any power source—all the most common 240-volt connectors, including those you’ll find at RV parks. The individual adapters are available separately.

Above: Road Trip Charging Accessories for Tesla Owners (Source: EVANNEX)

The NeoCharge Smart Splitter is a handy electrical gadget that’s really designed for use at home—it allows you to share a garage-based appliance outlet with your Tesla, avoiding a costly panel upgrade—but you might want to take it on the road with you as well. In some situations—for example, if you’re staying with relatives or friends who don’t have an EV charger, but do have a dryer in the garage—it could really save the day.

We hope you won’t suffer any blowouts or breakdowns on the road, but if you do find yourself needing to jack up your Tesla, some Jack Pads are a must. Because the battery compartment sits on the underside of the vehicle, you have to be careful when using a jack. Special Jack Pads custom-designed for a Tesla are made from a strong, hard rubber compound to ensure safety and protect your battery, your body and your paint job.

Precision Tire Gauge can also buy you some added peace of mind on the road.

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