Charging Hang Tag / Courtesy Notice Bundle
Charging Hang Tag / Courtesy Notice Bundle
Charging Hang Tag / Courtesy Notice Bundle
Charging Hang Tag / Courtesy Notice Bundle
Charging Hang Tag / Courtesy Notice Bundle
Charging Hang Tag / Courtesy Notice Bundle
Charging Hang Tag / Courtesy Notice Bundle
Charging Hang Tag / Courtesy Notice Bundle
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Charging Hang Tag / Courtesy Notice Bundle

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The Tesla Model S, Model X, and other EVs (electric vehicles) have created a new charging etiquette. What if you need a charge and an ICE (internal combustion engine) gas-powered vehicle is parked in the charging space? How can you communicate with other EV owners if you're opportunity charging but would gladly give the charging cable up for another EV owner in need. We've created an exclusive package that helps to address these issues and can be extremely useful in busy locations. The intent is to spread a common etiquette among EV owners. In this package EVannex offers two (2) "Charging Hang Tags" along with six (6) "Courtesy Notices". The Charging Hang Tag is written in friendly language that allows you to notify others if you are currently charging out of opportunity or necessity. The Courtesy Notice is double-sided, allowing you to gently remind an EV driver not to park in front of a charging station without connecting their vehicle or gently suggest that a non-EV driver not park in a dedicated charging parking space.


Charging Hang Tag

The Electric Vehicle Charging Hang Tag is great for busy locations (like Tesla Superchargers) and is reusable. Made of thick recycled stock paper with a water-resistant gloss coating, the Charging Hang Tag is printed with two important messages (one on each side) that will notify other EV owners of your vehicle's status/situation.

Note: Because the hang tag has a gloss finish, you can use a erasable, dry-erase marker (not included) to indicate (if you choose) when you will return and your phone number.



"DO NOT UNPLUG WHILE CHARGING". This side notifies others that you are charging out of necessity and allows you (if you choose) to fill in the time when your car will be finished charging with a dry-erase marker along with your phone number.

At the bottom you can find Good EV Charging Etiquette with three bullets:

1) Never Park in a charging space if you are not charging

2) When charging in public, limit your charge, don't charge to your limit. Move on so others have the opportunity to charge.

3) Never unplug another car without permission.



"OK TO UNPLUG" This side notifies others that you are charging not out of necessity but just opportunity charging and that it is OK for someone who needs to charge up out of necessity to unplug the charger from your vehicle. Again, a section where you can write your phone number is provided if you'd like to include that information.

At the bottom you will find the same Good EV Charging Etiquette bullets.




Courtesy Notice

The EVannex "Courtesy Notice" is specially designed for Tesla Model S and other EV owners to notify either a non-EV vehicle if they are blocking a dedicated charging parking space or to notify an EV owner that they are parked in a charge space without connecting their vehicle to the charger.



"Courtesy Notice"

Please kindly note, your vehicle is occupying a parking space that is dedicated for recharging electric cars. Using this parking space has prevented electric car owners from recharging - we're sure this was unintentional and hope in the future you take note of these reserved spaced dedicated specifically for electric vehicles.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 



Dear electric car driver, please kindly note, you've parked your car in front of a charging station without connecting to it. Unfortunately, you've blocked other electric vehicles from charging in this space.

Thank you in advance for understanding and freeing up this spot for other electric car owners, much appreciated. 





Why is any of this necessary?

EVs (electric vehicles) are new, and many drivers—even EV drivers—are unsure of the etiquette required when using and parking in charging locations. Rather than scribbling an hasty note on a scrap of paper or not communicating at all, we provide Tesla Model S owners with a quick, easy, and friendly way to communicate with drivers of vehicles parked/using charging locations.

Where do I put the Charging Hang Tag?

The best location is on the charging cable near the charging connector and port.

Can I reuse the Charging Hang Tag?

Yes. The Charging Hang Tag is made from tough laminated paper stock with UV coating. We also provide a "back-up" hang-tag just in case you misplace it or are in need of an extra.

Is the Charging Hang Tag design compatible with the Tesla Model S (including Tesla Superchargers, HPWC (home charging), Destination Chargers, etc.? And, will it work if Model S owners use their adaptors for J-1772 and other popular charging locations (i.e. Chargepoint)?

Yes, the charging hang tag is compatible with standard Tesla's HPWC, Destination Chargers, Supercharger, and Chargepoint locations. In addition, it works nicely with the J-1772 adapter.

Is it possible to write on the Charging Hang Tag?

Yes. You can use a dry erase marker (not included) to indicate (if you choose) when you will return and provide your mobile phone number.

Why don't you include dry-erase markers with this bundle?

We did not include dry-erase markers with this bundle in order to offer packaging, shipping, and pricing at a level most popular with our customers.

Isn't it true that you can't unplug the charging cable if the Model S is locked? How should I use the "Ok to Unplug" tag?

Yes that is true, but, you can still use the "OK to Unplug" tag -- see below...

Supercharger Locations: The supercharger cable and connector CANNOT be unplugged if the vehicle is locked. You can choose to leave a phone number on the hang tag, have another owner call you, use your mobile app to unlock the model S, and allow the other owner to unplug the supercharger cable, and then relock the vehicle. Caution: In unlocking your Model S, you do risk allowing someone to enter the vehicle. Proceed with caution!

Public Charger Locations: Your personal charger cable cannot be unplugged from your vehicle unless you are present and the Vehicle is unlocked (door handles extended). However, in most cases, your charge cable can be unplugged at the adapter end (e.g., at the J1772 plug-in end) so that someone else can use the public charger.

How should I use the Courtesy Notice?

The best approach is to place the notice under a windshield wiper with the appropriate message facing upward.

Can I reuse the Courtesy Notice?

Probably not. Once you leave it on another individual's vehicle, it's unlikely you'll later retrieve it. That's why we provide six (6) for your use. You can reorder this product if need be, but, please note: there are no discounts (or special deals/sets) offered for reorders.

Is there a Return Policy and/or warranty for these?

No. All sales are final, no returns.

I don't want to buy the whole bundle you offer here. So, can I "break up" the bundle and only order a smaller amount (that I select) of the Charging Hangtag(s) and/or Courtesy Notice(s)?

No. Due to configuration management set-up (on our end), we only offer the product in the bundle offered on this product page. Even if you simply need to "replenish" one of these, you'll still need to order the bundle on this page.

How long does it take to receive my order? 

You can expect delivery between 1 and 2 weeks (for U.S. orders) from the day you place your order, depending on the number of orders in the production queue. We ship this product using USPS.

Are you fulfilling international orders for this product?

Yes. Kindly note: these are only offered to our customers written in the English language. We'll be shipping international orders via USPS. Shipping to most international destinations will typically take between 4-8 weeks. Note: please allow an additional time buffer for USPS to deliver internationally as it does not have the more rapid timeframes for delivery as "overnight" providers (i.e. FedEx, UPS, or DHL). We'll be fulfilling our international orders on a first come, first served basis. For more information, please check out our Shipping and Fulfillment page.



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