'HookUp' Coat Hooks for Tesla Model S

'HookUp' Coat Hooks for Tesla Model S
'HookUp' Coat Hooks for Tesla Model S
'HookUp' Coat Hooks for Tesla Model S
'HookUp' Coat Hooks for Tesla Model S
'HookUp' Coat Hooks for Tesla Model S
'HookUp' Coat Hooks for Tesla Model S

• Finally, a place to hang your jackets and dry cleaning.
• No tools, adhesives, or drilling required.
• Made of black, high-strength ABS plastic.
• Receive a pair of Coat Hooks with each order.
• Available only for Tesla Model S with a Panoramic or All Glass roof.
• Coat Hooks not designed to hold more than four (4) pounds.
• Usually ships the next business day. Available for international delivery.



If you've ever wanted a convenient place to hang your shirt, blouse, slacks, sports jacket or even your dry cleaning, these coat hooks can accomplish the job. You'll receive this set of two simple, strong, and inconspicuous black abs plastic hooks that will attach to both the driver and passenger sides of the rear seat area. Easy-to-install (and quickly remove), these coat hooks require no drilling or adhesives to provide a functional and sleek solution. 

Important: HookUp is available only for Model S vehicles that have a panoramic or all glass roof. HookUp has not been designed to attach to roof configurations other than the panoramic or all glass roof and should not be used for those configurations. All Model S deliveries (including those with pano roofs) after May 2015 have a slightly different headliner that must be modified if HookUp is to fit properly. Before you purchase HookUp, please go to our "Instructions" tab to learn more about the required modifications.





Material: HookUp is made of black, high strength abs plastic. 

Dimensions: HookUp is approximately 1.7 inches (43mm) wide and 2.5 inches (64mm) long. Its width tapers from 0.5 inches (13mm) wide at the top of the hook to 0.19 inches (5mm) at the tip of the hook. The hook opening (for hanging items) is 1 inch (25mm) wide and the smaller hook opening used to fasten the hook to the headliner ridge is approximately 0.31 inches (8mm) wide.

Usage: HookUp is designed to attach to the headliner ridge only for those Model S vehicles that have a panoramic roof. The headliner ridge bounds the opening for the panoramic roof glass.*

Loading: The weight limitation for clothes/items that are hung from HookUp is 4 pounds (1.8kg).

Installation: No tools or adhesives are required.

*Warning: HookUp has not been designed to attach to roof configurations other than the panoramic roof and should not be used for those configurations.

Modifications required: Minor modifications are required for HookUp installation in Model S vehicles delivered after May, 2015. Please go to our "Instructions" Tab to learn what these modifications are, before you purchase HookUp.







Why can't I use HookUp in my Tesla Model S with a conventional roof and headliner?

HookUp’s design is specific to Model S vehicles that have a panoramic roof. The headliner ridge that bounds the opening of the rear portion of the panoramic roof is the perfect location for attaching HookUp. Since the ridge is not present for Model S’s without the panoramic roof, HookUp cannot be fastened properly.

Are any tools, adhesives, or screws needed to install HookUp?

None!  Hookup installation is very simple and requires less than 30 seconds to install. See the 'Instructions' tab for more info.

Do these coat hooks allow for normal operation of the panoramic roof? 


Is it easy to remove HookUp?

Yes, removal takes about 10 seconds. If you choose to do so, you can store the HookUp hooks in your glove box or center console insert and use them only as needed, but HookUp is so unobtrusive, it’s likely you’ll just leave it in place.

HookUp coat hooks look quite strong. Why the 4 pound weight limit?

HookUp is made of abs plastic and is strong. The reason for the weight limitation is to protect the Model S headliner. HookUp attaches directly to the headliner ridge and too much weight could damage the headliner. That’s why we set a limit of 4 pounds for each each hook located on the passenger and driver sides of the vehicle.

How many items can I hang and still remain under the 4 pound limit?

Obviously, more light clothing items and fewer heavier clothing items. For example, you should (using discretion) be able to hang a sports jacket, a pair of pants, a dress shirt or a causal shirt with no problem. If you have more clothing items to hang, simply use the coat hook on the other side of the back seat area.

Where's the best location for attaching HookUp?

We’ve found that the best location seems to be just a bit forward of the rear seat led reading light that is recessed in the roof. In general, you want to locate hookup so that a clothes hanger can hang freely. See the 'Gallery' and 'Video' tabs for a visual reference.

Can I Hang both hooks on one side, say, on the passenger side headliner ridge?

No. Hanging both hooks on one side can potentially put too much weight on the headliner ridge and might damage your headliner.

Can I get the coat hooks in a different configuration, color, size, etc.?

No, we cannot be change or customize the coat hooks in any manner.

How long does it take to receive my 'HookUp' coat hooks?  

The EVANNEX 'HookUp' Coat Hook usually ships within 24 business hours of receipt of order. Delivery time depends on your location relative to South Florida and is typically within three (3) days for the continental U.S.

Do 'HookUp' coat hooks ship to international destinations?  

Yes, we ship the coat hooks internationally.




Please read these instructions before you install or remove HookUp.

Application:  HookUp coat hooks are designed only for installation in a Model S with a panoramic roof. HookUp is not designed for installation on other roof types.

Warning: No more than 4 pounds (1.8kg) of hanging items can be hung from each hook. If you exceed this weight limit, you risk damaging the headliner.*


Step 1 . Remove each of the two HookUp coat hooks from their envelope.

Step 2. From the rear seat on both the passenger and driver sides of the Model S, carefully insert the Headliner Hook portion of HookUp on the headliner ridge at a location approximately half way along the rear opening of the headliner. To accomplish this, turn the hook horizontally, slide it into the space between the headliner and the pano roof glass, then tilt the hook downward to attach it. 

Step 3. Pull down gently to seat the hook. Please note the weight limitation for hanging items in the warning and at the beginning of these instructions.

HookUp is now ready to use. (see photos below for reference).

 Tesla Model S coat hook Tesla Model S coat hook

Relocating the hook:  If you want to re-locate the hook, do not slide it along the headliner ridge. Remove it and then replace it following instructions in Step 2.

Removal:  To remove HookUp, simply push upward gently, rotate the hook into a horizontal position and remove the Headliner Hook portion of hookup from the space between the headliner and the panoramic roof glass. 

*EVannex® is not responsible for any damage to the headliner that occurs as a consequence of HookUp installation or from the weight of hanging items on the HookUp coat hooks.

Modifications Required for Vehicles Purchased after May, 2015

HookUp been designed to work only with Model S vehicles that have the panoramic roof. Tesla modified the design of the panoramic roof for vehicles delivered after May, 2015, and now has installed an integrated light foam damper around the edge of the headliner opening for the panoramic roof. The foam damper is not easily visible, but can be identified by running your fingers along the headliner opening for the pano roof. If you feel soft foam, the damper has been installed in your vehicle.

If your Model S has the foam damper, the coat hooks will not fit properly unless you modify the foam in the area where you want to place your hook. There are two alternative approaches to these minor modifications:

  1. Separate about 1 inch of the foam (it is adhered to the headliner with a light adhesive) from the headliner only in the area in which you want to place your coat hooks; slide the coat hook under the foam and onto the headliner, or
  2. Cut a small slit in the foam where you want to place your coat hook and then slide the coat hanger into the slit.

Once the modification is made, follow the Installation instructions above.

Although the likelihood of any problem during modification to the foam is small, please note that Evannex is not responsible for any damage that might occur if you elect to modify the foam damper.

If performed properly, neither of these minor modifications will be visible from within the passenger space. If you are uncomfortable with making these mods, please do not purchase HookUp, if your car has the foam damper. The coat hooks will not fit properly without the minor modifications to the foam damper as described above.




See video below for 'HookUp' coat hooks as reference.




As Seen in Teslarati 

"Installation can’t get any simpler than this. No tools or even skill is required to install these Tesla Model S coat hooks. Even a young child can probably figure out how to install these on their own. The hooks are not permanent and can be easily added or removed as you see fit. Simply place them within your glovebox or center console when not in use, and retrieve them when needed.

Frankly it’s hard to imagine EVannex doing much better with this. These aftermarket Tesla Model S coat hooks are reasonably priced...They work well, are simple to install, easily removable and can support up to 4 pounds of hanging strength. What’s not to love about that?" - Teslarati

Photo and review excerpt courtesy of Teslarati.com

Tesla Model S coat hook in use


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