Cubby Compartment for Tesla Model X
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Cubby Compartment for Tesla Model X

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The "cubby" is the small shelf that sits directly below the 17-inch display in the Tesla Model X. Owners commonly use this space to store sunglasses, wallets, ID and parking cards, or just about any small object that needs to be within easy reach. But the cubby offers little privacy, items can be difficult to find, and they can fly out under heavy acceleration (think: ludicrous mode). The EVANNEX Cubby Compartment provides a unique, pull-out drawer that fits your cubby and holds all of your small items. Cubby Compartment corresponds to your interior trim finish and provides a sleek, clean look that will keep your belongings hidden from view. It is available in all corresponding Model X interior trim finishes shown in the "Gallery" tab. Made in the USA.



The EVANNEX Cubby Compartment for Tesla Model X is the small enclosed drawer that fits inside the “cubby” located directly below the Model X 17-inch display. Owners commonly use the cubby to store sunglasses, wallets, IDs, and parking cards or just about any small object that needs to be within easy reach. Cubby Compartment provides every Model X owner with a way to hide these items from view, pull the drawer out to better see and retrieve their items, and provide a smooth, closed finish to the cubby space. A simple magnetic closure mechanism keeps the Cubby Compartment closed during heavy acceleration.

EVANNEX has had years of experience developing products that conform beautifully to the interior design language of Tesla vehicles. Cubby Compartment uses the same real carbon fiber and wood veneers that can be found in the Model X. These trim finishes have been well-regarded by owners and the media for their conformance to the interior trim finishes that are factory installed by Tesla Motors. Cubby Compartment has a small, ergonomically-designed brushed aluminum handle (for easy opening) that corresponds to the brushed aluminum finish trim that surrounds the 17-inch display. Cubby Compartment is available in real Carbon Fiber, Obeche Wood Gloss, Obeche Wood Matte, Textured Black, Matte Black, and Piano Black/Dark Ash interior trim finishes.




Cubby Compartment is fabricated from durable, high quality ABS plastic that have been designed to provide aesthetic conformance to the interior design of the Model X.


The Compartment:  The complete compartment is thermoformed from 0.125-inch ABS plastic with a textured interior surface.

Front Cubby Compartment Surface:  Made from real carbon fiber and wood veneers that conform to the factory installed trim finishes available for the Model X. The surface is protected with a “domed” high-grade polyurethane coating specially formulated to be abrasion and wear resistant.

Door handle: Designed specifically for the Cubby Compartment, the door handle is fabricated from aluminum rod stock machined to conform to the brushed aluminum look of the frame for the 17" display. The handle has been designed with ergonomics in mind, allowing the driver to pinch the sides and open Cubby Compartment easily.

Base material:  The base of the Cubby Compartment “drawer” is lined with a soft foam material that stops items from sliding.

Color:  The Cubby Compartment is black. The front surface (the only visible surface when the drawer is closed, is either Carbon Fiber, Obeche Wood Gloss, Obeche Wood Matte, or Matte Black, Figured Ash, Matte Black and Piano Black/Dark Ash depending on your trim type.

Dimensions: The Cubby Compartment is an asymmetric five-sided box, design to fit precisely in the asymmetric interior space of the Model S Cubby. Its nominal dimensions are: 8.7” W x 4.9” D x 2.0” H (220 mm W x 124 mm D x 50 mm H). Side and rear wall thickness is approximately 2.2 mm; front wall thickness is approximately 6mm (including trim veneer).

Opening mechanism: The Cubby Compartment has been designed to fit directly into the Cubby opening and slides out with a pull on the door handle. There is no slider or other opening mechanism required.

Magnetic closure:  A small, but exceptionally strong Neodymium magnet (1/4” dia, 1/4” L) is attached to the rear wall of the Cubby Compartment. It's drawn to a magnetic strip that is attached to the rear of the cubby (no tools are required), and has been designed to keep the Cubby Compartment from sliding out during very heavy acceleration.

Please note: The Cubby Compartment is not compatible with Right Hand Drive (RHD) versions of the Model X.




Textured Black

Piano Black / Dark Ash

Obeche Wood Gloss

Obeche Wood Matte

Matte Black


Carbon Fiber




Installation is extremely simple. Remove the adhesive covering from the magnetic fastening strip and then insert Cubby Compartment into the Cubby opening. A 1.5 inch by 1.0 inch magnetic strip will be adhered to the rear inside wall of the cubby during this operation and will assist in magnetic closure. That’s it. Cubby Compartment is installed.

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Will the front of the Cubby Compartment match the interior trim finish of my Model X?

At EVANNEX, we're into our fourth year of fabricating trim finishes that conform to those that are factory-installed by Tesla. We understand the challenges and have developed a proprietary approach that has been praised for quality and conformance by both customers and the media. We cannot guarantee an "exact match," but our Cubby Compartment front trim finish will correspond and blend in with the trim finish you have in your car. 

Is there any installation required for Cubby Compartment?

Just clean any items out of your cubby and slide Cubby Compartment into the front opening. A small magnetic strip is installed at the back of the Cubby (hidden from view) and is used as part of the magnetic closure mechanism.

So there’s no mechanical slider or other mechanism that needs to be installed?


Will the magnetic closure provided with Cubby Compartment keep it closed during normal driving conditions?

Yes. Although we designed the magnetic closure for a light touch, during normal driving and acceleration, Cubby Compartment will remain closed. However, we cannot guarantee closure during "ludicrous" launches because the G-forces during those launches are substantial. Depending upon the weight and volume of objects inside the Cubby Compartment, the rear-facing force vector due to "ludicrous" acceleration can overcome the magnetic closure force.   

Does the cubby significantly reduce the storage area that exists inside the shelf without the cubby?

No. The shape of cubby compartment mirrors the interior shape of the cubby. The cubby compartment was designed purposely with a thin profile design and form factor that would maximize storage space available. For more, check out our "Specifications" tab. At most, you might lose an 1/8 of an inch of the sides and another 1/8 of an inch on top and bottom. Of course, you gain the ability to access items by pulling out a convenient, concealed drawer instead of blindly reaching into an exposed, open cubby.

Does the Cubby Compartment door sit flush with the front of the cubby?

Yes, the top of Cubby Compartment sits flush with the front of the cubby.

How much can I fit inside the Cubby Compartment?

It has roughly the same amount of storage capacity as the open shelf cubby area. Check out our video in the first tab for a demo of items that fit inside the Cubby Compartment.

Can the Cubby Compartment be locked?

To keep product cost managable and remove the burden of a complex installation, Cubby Compartment does not have a locking mechanism.

Will my small items slide around inside the cubby compartment?

We use a thin, soft foam base that protects the items in your Cubby Compartment and at the same time acts to reduce or completely eliminate any lateral movement of those items.

Once Cubby Compartment is installed, can I remove it completely to clean it or for other reasons?

Yes, because there are no sliders, removal is simply a matter of sliding Cubby Compartment all the way out.

If the veneer face of Cubby Compartment needs to be cleaned and has any residue that requires removal, what should I use?

If you'd like to provide a lasting shine and protection, or you'd like to clean the front veneer face of Cubby Compartment, we recommend a hand-spray product called Wax-As-U-Dry produced by Eagle One (TM).

What is the return policy and warranty for Cubby Compartment?

Under our Return Policy, may return any EVANNEX manufactured product, including Cubby Compartment for any reason for a period of 30 days from the date of delivery; provided that the Product Registration has been completed upon receipt of product. The product must be returned undamaged and with no scratches, tears, nicks, dents or wear in its original packaging, with shipping and insurance paid by the purchaser. Cubby Compartment falls under our General Product Warranty to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for ninety (90) days from date of purchase.

How long does it take to ship Cubby Compartment?

We target delivery between 1 to 2 weeks from the date of your order (via FedEx Ground).

Is Cubby Compartment compatible with right hand drive versions of the Model X?

No. Because right hand drive versions of the Model X have reverse dash curvature, Cubby Compartment is not available for right hand drive versions. It will NOT fit properly in right-hand drive (RHD) versions of the car (i.e, versions available in England, Australia, Hong Kong, and other RHD countries). However, we will consider offering a right-hand drive version of the Cubby Compartment if there is sufficient demand. Please contact us if you'd like to go on a waiting list.

Is Cubby Compartment available for Model X owners outside of U.S. and Canada?

Yes. This product is available for all U.S., Canada, and other international destinations that have left-hand drive versions of the Model S. Because right hand drive versions of the Model X have reverse dash curvature, Cubby Compartment is not available for right-hand drive versions (see above).







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