Cubby Compartment for Tesla Model S and Model X

Cubby Compartment for Tesla Model S and Model X
Cubby Compartment for Tesla Model S and Model X
Cubby Compartment for Tesla Model S and Model X
Cubby Compartment for Tesla Model S and Model X
Cubby Compartment for Tesla Model S and Model X

• Unique pullout drawer which fits into the cubby.
• Provides a sleek, clean look to keep your small belongings hidden from view.
• Available in vegan leather finish.
• Usually ships the next business day. Available for international delivery.

Note: Not Compatible with Model S and Model X refresh 2021+



The EVANNEX Cubby Compartment for Tesla Model S and Model X is a small enclosed drawer that fits inside the “cubby” located directly below the Model S and Model X 17-inch display. Owners commonly use the cubby to store sunglasses, wallets, IDs, and parking cards or just about any small object that needs to be within easy reach. Cubby Compartment provides every Model S and Model X owner with a way to hide these items from view, pull the drawer out to better see and retrieve their items, and provide a closed finish to the cubby space.

EVANNEX has had years of experience developing products that conform beautifully to the interior design language of Tesla vehicles. Cubby Compartment uses a vegan leather finish which blends in nicely with all trim finishes.

The Cubby Compartment has an ergonomic, half circle (for easy opening with any finger) that allows for quick access to the contents inside. A fully lined black velvet-like interior keeps sliding objects in place. Installs in less than a minute with no tools required. It just slides right inside the cubby area and stays in place.







The Cubby Compartment is fabricated with a vegan leather trim on the "face" of the unit. It is lined with a smooth, velvet-like interior to keep items organized and has been designed to provide aesthetic conformance to the interior design of the Tesla Model S and Model X.

Dimensions: 7.5 in. W x 4.7 in. L x 1.9 in. H (190 mm W x 120 mm L x 48 mm H ). The Cubby Compartment is has been designed to fit in the asymmetric interior space of the Tesla Model S and Model X cubby area.

Front Cubby Compartment Surface: Available in synthetic vegan leather.

Base material: The base material is a smooth, velvet-like interior commonly found inside jewelry boxes. The material also helps to prevent items from sliding.

Opening mechanism: The Cubby Compartment has an ergonomic half circle for easy opening with any finger which allows quick access to the contents inside.

Durable Material: The high quality vegan leather trim finish available protects the face from scratches and fingerprints, easy to wipe clean. Moisture-proof flannel liner is non-slip and quiet within driving.

Interior Capacity: Unique, pull-out drawer that fits the cubby and keeps your small items and belongings hidden from view. Two separated compartment design let you store different shape and sized items in an organized fashion.

Package Dimensions: 9.5 x 7 x 3 inches

Item Weight: 14 ounces




Will the front of the Cubby Compartment match the interior trim finish of my Model S or Model X?

At EVANNEX, we're into our sixth year of fabricating trim finishes that conform to those factory-installed by Tesla. We understand the challenges and have developed a proprietary approach that has been praised for quality and conformance by both customers and the media. Our Cubby Compartment front trim finish will correspond and blend in with the trim finish you have in your car. The vegan leather Cubby Compartment has been designed to correspond with the Tesla "leather" seen in the dashboard area and blends nicely with all interiors.

Will the Cubby Compartment fit if I have an EVANNEX Center Console Insert or a Tesla installed center console?

Yes. The Cubby Compartment can be used in all possible front center area configurations for the Model S or Model X—no center console, the EVANNEX CCI, or the Tesla-installed center console.

Does the Cubby Compartment significantly reduce the storage area that exists inside the shelf without the cubby?

No. The shape of Cubby Compartment mirrors the interior shape of the cubby. The Cubby Compartment was designed purposely to maximize storage space available. For more, check out our "Specifications" tab. At most, you might lose an 3/16 of an inch on the sides and another 3/16 of an inch on top and bottom. Of course, you gain the ability to access items by pulling out a convenient, concealed drawer instead of blindly reaching into an exposed, open cubby.

Is there any installation required for Cubby Compartment?

No. Just push the drawer into the cubby and you're ready to go!

So there’s no mechanical slider or other mechanism that needs to be installed?


Will the Cubby Compartment stay closed during normal driving conditions?

Yes. The Cubby Compartment provides traction on bottom that prevents the drawer from coming out during normal driving and acceleration and it will remain "closed" inside the cubby. However, we cannot guarantee closure during "insane" or "ludicrous" launches because the G-forces during those launches are substantial. Depending upon the weight and volume of objects inside the Cubby Compartment, the rear-facing force vector due to "insane" or "ludicrous" acceleration may not keep the drawer in place.

I’ve noticed that my older Tesla has a different foam pad in its cubby than newer ones. Will the small lip that rises slightly above the hard plastic edge of my cubby cause problems with cubby compartment?

Over the years since the Model S and Model X were introduced to the market, Tesla has made a number of small changes to the cubby configuration, resulting in small variations in the cubby geometry. These include a different rubber/foam base material and slight modifications to the aluminum trim geometry on some versions of Model S and Model X. These small variations can affect the manner in which Cubby Compartment slides into and out of the cubby opening.

1. In the unlikely event you experience difficulty removing the Cubby Compartment, press down gently on the handle while pulling outward. The Cubby Compartment should slide right out.

2. If you continue to experience difficulty removing the cubby, you can choose to trim the small lip that rises slightly above the hard plastic edge to allow the Cubby Compartment to slide more easily. To accomplish this use an Exacto knife or an industrial razor blade and trim the rubberized foam (dashed line) to the level of the hard plastic cubby edge (solid line). See photo below:

Can the Cubby Compartment be locked?

To keep product cost manageable and remove the burden of a complex installation, Cubby Compartment does not have a locking mechanism.

Will my small items slide around inside the Cubby Compartment?

We use a velvet-like base and side walls that protect the items in your Cubby Compartment and at the same time acts to reduce or completely eliminate any lateral movement of those items.

Once Cubby Compartment is installed, can I remove it completely to clean it or for other reasons?

Yes, because there are no sliders, removal is simply a matter of sliding Cubby Compartment all the way out for cleaning and reorganization.

What is the return policy and warranty for Cubby Compartment?

Under our Return Policy, customers may return any EVANNEX manufactured product, including Cubby Compartment for any reason for a period of 30 days from the date of delivery; provided that the Product Registration has been completed upon receipt of product. The product must be returned undamaged and with no scratches, tears, nicks, dents or wear in its original packaging, with shipping and insurance paid by the purchaser. A 10% restocking fee is applied to all returns. Cubby Compartment falls under our General Product Warranty to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for ninety (90) days from date of purchase.

How long does it take to ship Cubby Compartment?

The EVANNEX Cubby Compartment usually ships within 24 business hours of receipt of order. Delivery time depends on your location relative to South Florida and is typically within three (3) days for the continental U.S.

Is Cubby Compartment available for Tesla owners outside of U.S. and Canada?

Yes. This product is available for all U.S., Canada, and other international destinations.




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Please note: the 'Piano Black' trim finish option is no longer available as we've developed a superior 'vegan leather' option which is now compatible with all Tesla Model S and X vehicles.


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