EVANNEX Touch-Up Paint Pens for Tesla Owners

• Easily and quickly touch up paint chips
• Available in over a dozen OEM Tesla colors
• Touch up expensive paintwork, protect your investment!
• Fits conveniently in your glovebox, console, toolbox
• Made in Canada by an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer
• Pens will be in-stock by mid-December. Available for international delivery.



The ravages of wear and tear from debris kicked up by fellow motorists, poor roads, and other impacts and abrasions by an array of other causes all take their toll on the paintwork of your Tesla. Some unsightly, some others inevitably allowing corrosion to rear its ugly face on bodywork of steel construction. Electric vehicles, being of much simplified maintenance regiments as compared with ICE vehicles, have a specific need to preserve paint finishes, as they are much more likely to spend decades on the road, much longer than your average vehicle.

Touch up chips, dings, and other light damage with a quality paint designed to restore continuity to your paintwork - like EVANNEX's Touch Up Paint Pens for Tesla vehicles. Formulated for a high match to OEM paint by a leader in OEM touch up paint, our touch-up pens are easy to use and fit conveniently in your glovebox, center console, or tool box.

Inspect your VIN tag in your driver's doorjam to find your 4-letter paint code to ensure you select the correct color paint pen.

After you've touched up blemishes, consider a paint protective film (like one available here) to protect from future damage or wear. You know what they say about an ounce of prevention...




First, remove air by pressing on the tip while holding it upward. Shake well before each use for best results. Depress tip gently in a repetitive manner until flow starts. Dab stone chip lightly. It's better to fill chips slowly with light dabbing motion as opposed to adding a large amount of paint at once. This will help ensure the chip is filled properly but not overfilled. Replace cap after use. If tip dries out, simply remove it, soak it in lacquer thinner and replace.


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