EVANNEX Wheel Spacers for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

EVANNEX Wheel Spacers for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
EVANNEX Wheel Spacers for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
EVANNEX Wheel Spacers for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
EVANNEX Wheel Spacers for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
EVANNEX Wheel Spacers for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
EVANNEX Wheel Spacers for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

• Pushes wheels out 3-20mm to fill fender for a hot look
• Suitable for all Standard, Mid, and Long Range Model 3 and Model Y (not for Performance Model 3)
• Designed and engineered in-house by Evannex in the USA
• Sold as a set of two wheel spacers
• Available in sizes from mild to wild, for stock and aftermarket wheels



***Note: we are currently out of stock on ARP's extended wheel studs and recommend selecting OE-style if needed***

Have a factory-fresh, totally-stock car? Spacers offer the difference between a run-of-the-mill Tesla and a car that you'll turn twice to check. Wheel spacers aren't gaudy or in your face, and offer a custom look without the need to ugrade your wheels and tires.

To explain them simply, a wheel spacer mounts behind the wheel and pushes the wheel outward 3-20mm. 3mm and 5mm spacers mount on a totally stock car, while larger sizes require swapping out factory wheel studs with extended studs. 

Evannex Wheel Spacers are designed in-house by our staff engineers, and are precision machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with ground mounting surfaces to ensure a flush install and a vibration-free ride. Final finishing is a super-durable natural finish type III hard anodizing. To ease removal, our spacers include a convenient notch to gain some leverage in removing well-seasoned spacers from the hub. 

What do I need to know about wheel spacers for my Tesla?

Your well-designed Tesla includes a number of compromises that needed to be made during the process of going from designer's rendering to production vehicle. Have you seen photos online of upcoming concept cars? Inevitably as a car gets closer to production, each iteration will look milder and milder. One element that changes generally is the position of the wheel reletive to the rest of the car - they go from being flush with the fender lip, to being tucked into the fender, resulting in a less-than ideal look. Why do manufacturers, including Tesla, do this? Well, there are a number of reasons, but the biggest being global compliance for new car manufacturing.

Consider that Tesla's goal is to have a car that works for as many owners as possible, which includes those that need clearance for snow chains or heavy snow and ice buildup against the fender liners. There are regulations in many countries requiring a certain amount of clearance for snow chains, and automakers, including Tesla, are required for new cars to have this clearance. In our global economy, cars are more and more made to be "global cars", reducing the number of variants that need to be manufactured to support global market coverage. 

What do I need to know about extended wheel studs?

Spacers thinner than 10mm are compatible with stock wheel studs. Replacing your wheel studs is a straight-forward exercise that is similar in complexity to servicing brakes on your Tesla. We offer both an OE-style and high performance ARP studs. If your stock lug nuts are closed-ended, swapping them out for open-ended lug nuts is usually required and always recommeneded in order to ensure there is enough clearance to torque them down properly. Our open-ended titanium lug nuts are as good as they get and are manufactured from corrosion-free, lightweight titanium. When paired with ARP extended studs, you've achieved a jewelery-level look with the highest strength available. 

Installing extended wheel studs is similar in difficulty to performing a brake service. Add a stud install tool (see above) to simplify the install process with no additional specialty tools required.

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