Hawk Performance Front Brake Pads for Tesla Model 3 RWD

Hawk Performance Front Brake Pads for Tesla Model 3 RWD

• Top-performing brake pads from an industry leader in braking
• Several compound formulations available to meet the needs of all driving styles
• A time to service your brakes is a great time to upgrade your pads
• For Tesla Model 3 RWD (not for Long Range or Performance)



Hawk Performance has been a staple of the enthusiast automotive community for nearly 30 years. Supplying brake compounds from track series such as NASA and SCCA, to street-happy compounds found on EVs, SUVs, and import tuners alike, Hawk's brake pads are an excellent choice for anyone looking to take their brakes up a notch or two.

Which pad is right for me? Here's some brief insight to help you in making the right decision:

Performance Ceramic - Hawk's Performance Ceramic offers a super-smooth, super-quiet, low-dust, high performance braking experience - all factors most EV drivers are sensitive to. Being of a ceramic formulation, these offer light colored dust that is hardly visible on silver or light colored wheels, although is not kind to black or dark colored wheels. Not recommended for track use. Spirited street driver? Consider HPS 5.0 instead.

HPS 5.0 - Hawk took all they had learned from decades of offering the original HPS, and made an even better performance brake pad. Improved stopping and bite characteristics over the original HPS, without additional noise. If you're looking for the best performance street (and occasionally track) pad, there's no question, your search is over.

DTC-60 - The motorsport backbone of Hawk's compounds, DCT-60 offers a dramatically higher friction coefficient (50-100% higher than street pads!), modulation, response, and overall, stopping power. These pads are not silent and will squeal as expected from a race pad, and are dustier and harder on rotors as well. That said, for setting killer lap times, go no further. 

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