Revel Real Carbon Door Trim for Tesla Model S

Revel Real Carbon Door Trim for Tesla Model S

• Made of real carbon fiber, lightweight and strong
• Custom fit for Model S driver and passenger side door trim
• Fabricated using a "dry carbon" approach that allows each panel to overlay the existing door panels, making installation easy
• Available with high-gloss or matte finish provide a custom look
• Fits Tesla Model S, 2012 - 2019



The Tesla Model S door panels do their job, but some owners want a richer, more custom look. Revel Real Carbon Door Trim upgrade your OEM door panels, providing the unparalleled look and feel of real carbon fiber—a material that is used in some of the highest performance cars on the planet. The result is a stunning, high-end look for your Model S.

Fabricated using a high-tech "dry carbon" approach, Revel Real Carbon Door Trim provide a premium look. The inserts overlay the trim, providing a custom look and feel while making installation relatively easy.


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