Trak Sport Snow Chains for Tesla Model S
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Trak Sport Snow Chains for Tesla Model S


Tesla Model S owners who live in areas with lots of snow often opt for snow chains in wintry conditions, rather than an expensive set of snow tires. Even if you live in a warmer climate throughout the year, but want the option to venture out into snowier territories, snow chains can be a great option. The Trak Sport snow chain system provides excellent traction and durability in snowy conditions, but even better - it’s easier to install than traditional snow chains because it mounts from the front of the tire—there's no need to wrap the chains around the inner portion of the tire. Trak Sport Snow Chains are designed to utilize the outer side of the drive wheels as the single fixing point rather than having complex attachments to the inner side. Trak Sport Snow chains are production monitored and safety tested by TÜV SÜD.

Note: Snow Chains should only be installed on the rear wheels of the Model S and only on 19" tires. Trak Sport Snow Chains include one pair of chains for the two rear wheels.



Tesla Model S Installation Video


Generic Installation Video


Please note: these videos are popular youtube guides from vehicle owners that are featured here in order to provide additional guidance along with the written instructions you will receive with your order. We've also included a digital copy of written instructions as well, see below.

Installation Guide

Click the button below for a step-by-step guide to assist you or your professional installer with Snow Chains. Please note: you will also receive a hard copy of the instructions with your order.

Snow Chains Installation








The Trak Sport snow chain system provides excellent traction and durability in snowy conditions. Because of its innovative design, the Trak Sport snow chains can be installed easily from the front of the tire, without any need to jack up the car or reach around to the back (inside) of the tire.


The Trak Sport snow chains are fixed only to the outer side of the rear tires. This eliminates the need for complex operations required to attach the chain to the inner side of the wheel—a common issue for other snow chains on the market.


Trak Sport is self-adjusting, thus ensuring a perfect grip between the chain and the tread of the tire which, ultimately, results in a safer and quieter drive.


The Trak Sport snow chain is designed with ease of fitting in mind as it simply requires one fixing point on the tire. Once the car starts to move, the chain wraps round the wheel without requiring any manual intervention.


Trak Sport Snow chains are production monitored and safety tested by TÜV SÜD. 




Features chain construction with 3 mm diameter cross-section links in high alloy steel. Check out specifics below...


Chain with half-round 3 mm diameter cross-section links in high alloy steel, with overlapping welded strengthening links, core-hardened and electrolytically galvanised.

Gripping Unit Design

Core-hardened galvanised cross bars with new reduced cross-section strengthening bars in high alloy steel and new-concept automatic rubber tensioners. Only 10 mm thick.

External Latching System

External latching system on the rim bolt, ensuring maximum safety thanks to the use of a new-generation ergonomic hand wheel for tightening.

Riveted Plate

Special reduced size (10 mm) riveted plates connect the supporting arms to the chain sections and ensure full 360° tread coverage.


Trak Sport Snow chains are production monitored and safety tested by TÜV SÜD. 




Are these snow chains similar to those available directly from Tesla Motors?

Yes, in fact, they’re identical. Same materials, same construction, same installation approach, same strength and durability. These snow chains are sometimes available from Tesla Motors (online and via Service Centers), but, due to the popularity of the product they're often sold out. EVANNEX® is an official reseller of the Trak Sport snow chains. Please note: Trak Sport snow chains are imported (and made) in Italy. Also, Trak Sport Snow chains are production monitored and safety tested by TÜV SÜD. 

How many chains come with my purchase?

An order of Snow Chains comes with a pair (2) of snow chains for your rear Model S tires.

Will I need snow chains if I have the Dual Motor option with my Model S?

The Model S performs well in all weather conditions with dual motor "D" or rear wheel drive configurations -- purchasing Snow Chains is a choice that is left to you based on personal preference while driving in snow.

Do I have to jack the Model S up to install these chains?

Absolutely not! The snow chains install from the front of the wheels/tires with the Model S firmly on the ground. 

Do I have to reach around to the back of the wheel/tire to install these snow chains?

No. A unique fastening mechanism allows you to install the snow chains from the front of the wheel/tire. There is no need to reach around to the back of the wheel, making installation much simpler than with other conventional snow chains.

Is it difficult to install these snow chains?

Actually, it’s quite simple (and ingenious) when compared to other snow chains. Please see the 'Installation' tab for more. Also, please note: the snow chains come with complete instructions. Please take care to follow the installation instructions to achieve a safe, secure fit.

Can I put Snow Chains on tires with 21" wheels?

Snow Chains are recommended to be installed ONLY on 19" wheels. Installing them on larger wheels may cause damage to your vehicle.

Will Snow Chains work on my front tires?

Snow Chains should only be installed on the rear wheels. Installing them on the front wheels may cause damage to your vehicle.

Do I have to worry about these snow chains coming off?

No. As long as you follow the installation instructions that come with the chains and tension them appropriately, the front fastening mechanism will keep them secure.

What is the warranty and or return policy for Snow Chains?

The snow chains come with a one-year warranty for any defect in construction or workmanship. Damage to the snow chains associated with hard driving, driving on snow-free roads, potholes, or any other road hazard is not covered under this warranty. Once snow chains have been used on your vehicle, they cannot be returned unless there is an obvious defect in construction or workmanship.  Note: Please inspect this product immediately upon receipt to ensure the integrity of your orderAny claims made after 72 hours of receipt will not be honored.  Evannex® is not responsible for any damage caused to your vehicle's wheels or tires caused due to installation of these snow chains.

How long until I receive my Snow Chains?

If you have ordered Snow Chains, we target delivery between 1 and 2 weeks from the day you place your order.

Do you ship Snow Chains internationally?

Yes, the Snow Chains ship internationally using FedEx International. Please see our "Shipping and Fulfillment" page for more information.





TÜV SÜD has over 25 years of experience in wheel testing, and is the biggest independent institute for tire and wheel technologies in Europe. TÜV SÜD operates advanced wheel testing facilities that are equipped to conduct the full scope of tire and wheel tests. TÜV SÜD provides wheel tests according to international standards, regulations, and requirements.

TÜV SÜD Testing

Trak Sport Snow Chains are production monitored and safety tested by TÜV SÜD. 

Why is TÜV SÜD testing important? Premium wheel and wheel accessory manufacturers have their products tested and receive critical technical reports from a neutral, independent third-party organization. Independent wheel tests carried out by a certified test lab play a pivotal role in evaluating and ensuring the consistent quality of product. TÜV SÜD experts are highly trained professionals who work extensively with top automotive OEMs and suppliers worldwide. Through this experience, TÜV SÜD have developed a strong knowledge of manufacturer and vehicle OEM requirements. TÜV SÜD wheel testing involves a series of tests that are carried out to meet vehicle OEM requirements or the specifications of test standards on bending fatigue, radial fatigue, biaxial impact, energy absorption, radial impact or torsion. 

Tire and wheel testing images courtesy TÜV SÜD.



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