Sunshades for Tesla Model X

Sunshades for Tesla Model X
Sunshades for Tesla Model X
Sunshades for Tesla Model X
Sunshades for Tesla Model X
Sunshades for Tesla Model X
Sunshades for Tesla Model X
Sunshades for Tesla Model X
Sunshades for Tesla Model X
Sunshades for Tesla Model X
Sunshades for Tesla Model X
Sunshades for Tesla Model X
Sunshades for Tesla Model X
Sunshades for Tesla Model X

• Insulated, soft-edged, and custom-cut for your Tesla Model X.
• Protect the dashboard, electronics, steering wheel, and upholstery from the effects of high interior temperatures.
• Cooling properties also help prevent driver discomfort, fatigue, and overheating.
• Use less battery when you turn on the A/C, which can help with range.
• Available in Silver/White or Gold/Black.
• Made in the USA.
• Usually ships within 1-2 weeks from California. Not available for international delivery (except Canada).











The mission is to make the best-fitting, most durable, and most effective sunshades available. Sunshades uses a reflective, strong (but flexible) material that is ideal for use as a sunshade. And, Sunshades consistently performs thorough quality control testing to ensure effectiveness. 

Stay Cool

25° F cooler on average. The reflective material in the Sunshades are responsible for dramatic temperature differences in cars parked in the sun. Temperature differences of as much as 40˚ F (25˚ C.) have been measured but you should experience a baseline average temperature reduction of about 25˚ F (11˚ C).

Custom Fit

Fits like a glove. Sunshades is all about accuracy. It’s computer-driven cutting machines are capable of producing a precise fit for the Model X. Sunshades is also designed to slightly overlap the windshield frame to maximize coverage and/or to allow the sun visors to have more material to hold on to.


Strong and Simple. Sunshades is stiff enough to be supported by the sun visors alone, but it is flexible enough to be bent around the rearview mirror. Unroll Sunshades across dash, lift it into place, and drop your sun visors. For storage, roll up and secure with special Velcro strap. 




For the Tesla Model X custom sunshades, the design approach is focused on accuracy, precision, and fitment. Computer-driven cutting machines are utilized to produce precise, consistent fitment for every Model X owner that orders.

Sunshades are simple to use but they are just as easy to store. Less than 3/16” thick yet stiff enough to stand on their own, Sunshades lay flat or roll up for easy storage. It rolls up with a velcro tie when not in use.

Sunshaded is made of a special gold metalized polyester film, laminated to a thin layer of closed-cell foam, with a black polyester film back (for blackout extra cooling effect) sewn around the edge with a black cloth binding.




What materials are used to make Sunshades?

Sunshades is made of a special gold/silver metalized polyester film, laminated to a thin layer of closed-cell foam, with a black polyester film back (for blackout extra cooling effect) sewn around the edge with a black cloth binding. This laminate is sturdy, light, and reflective, and it has excellent insulating properties to protect your interior and keep your car cool.

Does EVANNEX offer the most premium sunshades available from HeatShield?

Yes, we carry only the best—made for the Tesla Model X.  Sunshades features include: precision laser cut fitment for your Model X with the special black laminate film back for cooling 'blackout' properties, unique gold reflective metalized front, edges sewn with black cloth binding.

How are Sunshades made? 

Sunshades are custom cut using the latest in computer-aided cutting technology. Then, they are sewn around the edge with a black cloth binding.

In order to fit properly, Sunshades must be bent around my rearview mirror. Will this harm my Sunshades?

Bending your Sunshades to fit around your mirror is all a part of the simple installation process. Sunshades are designed to fit around the rearview mirror in order to block out as much sunlight as possible.

Which side faces out, the black side or the shiny, reflective side?

The shiny, reflective gold side faces out.

Does the Sunshade block UV rays?

The Sunshades material is designed to reflect the sun away and it does keep harmful UV rays from penetrating and damaging the dashboard, electronics, upholstery and can keep your Model S up to 40 percent cooler.

How should I store my Sunshades?

We suggest you store the Sunshades rolled up—NOT folded. Folding the Sunshades could compromise the integrity of the material and may cause premature wear.

Do you have patterns for side and rear window Sunshades?

Yes, we have side and rear window patterns for the Tesla Model X.  Simply select from the pull-down menu (above the orange "Add to Cart" button) which specific sunshade you'd like to order or simply choose the complete sunshade set. 

What is the recommended way to get the suction cups on sunshades to best affix to the windows?

It can help to install the suction cups with the doors closed or to hold the door while installing to make a solid connection. We've heard of customers wetting the suction cups for better suction. Also, try to press directly behind the suction cup in order to get a firm grip/suction on the window too.

My sunshades are curled up a bit, is there a way to get them to flatten a bit?

You might want to roll the sunshades in the opposite direction (black side out) if they have been rolled up for a while. This will help to flatten out the sunshades and make them easier to install and fit better against the windows. Storing them rolled backward every once in a while will also help with this. 

I'd like to order a unique combination of sunshades not offered in the pull-down menu above, what do I do?

Simply select the individual sunshade option you'd like and select the "Add to Cart" button.  Next, you'll be able to view your shopping cart to confirm your selection.  Then, simply go back to shopping on the same product page and select the other(s) and "Add to Cart" - now you'll see the combination you desire waiting in your shopping cart.  Proceed and follow the prompts to place your order.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Orders are processed and shipped within 2 - 4 weeks from date of order.  Note: HeatShield will ship to you via FedEx or UPS.

Do you ship internationally?






With the shiny, reflective gold side facing out, roll Sunshades across dash. Make sure Sunshades is centered in windshield and placed as far down where glass meets dash. Tuck Sunshades behind rearview mirror, if mounted on windshield. Note: It is okay to bend Sunshades. Lift HeatShield against glass. Lower sun visors for support.


Set up side window Sunshades (if you ordered for your side windows) by placing suction cups firmly on the each window.


Place rear window Sunshade (if you ordered for your rear window) by sliding it up and pressing suction cups firmly on window.


When not in use, for product storage, store your Sunshades like this: lift sun-visors and pull Sunshades down. Roll up from end to end. For side and rear sunshades, detach suction cups and roll up from end to end. Wrap the attached Velcro strap.




As seen on All Things EV

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As seen via a Digital Nomad

As seen in Teslarati

Tesla’s Model X boasts an enormous all-glass panoramic windshield that arches from the base of the front windshield to beyond the front seats making for an airy and spacious cabin feel, but with the dramatic effect of an IMAX experience. However, being able to keep the car cool while parked under the sun is quite the challenge, and that couldn’t be more the case here in sunny Southern California.

Enter HeatShield Gold Series Sunshade, custom made specifically for the Tesla Model X and designed to reflect heat and sunlight away from the glass. The manufacturer has created a shade that can be attached by using suction cups to every glass surface of the vehicle. With all of the sunshades installed properly, the Model X interior has a dark blackout effect akin to what you might find inside a home movie theater. The only visible light available is the one that peers through between the outer perimeter of each sunshade and the glass it’s mounted to.

I picked up a complete set of the Model X HeatShield Sunshade from Tesla accessories vendor EVANNEX... Installation was straight forward. Install the HeatShield gold side out. That’s it. All the pieces except for the front windshield use suction cups to secure their position to the glass. The front windshield HeatShield sunshade is held into place by the Model X’s magnetic sun visor... Fit and coverage is fantastic.

They [Heatshield Sunshades] are made of high quality, sturdy, and reflective materials that apparently have excellent insulating properties. The fitment of the sunshades on the obscure Model X window shapes are a perfect match. 

More importantly the HeatShield sunshades kept my Model X interior significantly cooler and without having to use power to do so. It’s a welcome addition to our family’s Model X. We’ve been using the HeatShield on a daily basis and intend to do so throughout this hot summer. - Manny Vista, Teslarati


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