Trunk Wing Spoiler for Tesla Model S
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Trunk Wing Spoiler for Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors has created an amazing canvas with the Model S. We provide you with a palette of exterior accessories that individualize the look of the vehicle. The Trunk Wing Spoiler extends to the end of each side of the trunk hatch and provides an enhanced and spectacular new look for your Model S. If you feel the factory trunk wing spoiler is too small/muted, there is another option. Check out this more aggressive and sporty gloss carbon fiber trunk wing spoiler. It attaches with double sided tape that is already adhered to the wing (see FAQ for more info on installs). This spoiler fits all model year S’ since inception including the 2016+ facelift.

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 Tesla Model S Carbon Fiber trunk wing spoiler
Tesla Model S Carbon Fiber trunk wing spoiler





The following video showcases the Carbon Fiber Sport Package...


*Note: this video also features the TS117 aftermarket forged wheels sold separately, and, vinyl wrap installed on chrome, logo, etc. are custom aftermarket modifications not included in this package.




Trunk Wing Spoiler Installation 





How is this installed?

Professional Installation Required. Installation should be executed by a competent automotive body shop that has experience working on Tesla Model S vehicles installing aftermarket modifications. In addition, an authorized Tesla repair facility (a body shop authorized by Tesla to do body repairs) should be able to install this easier/faster as they’ll be familiar with mounting points. Note: Tesla Service Centers typically do not install aftermarket products. This replaces the front factory lower plastic apron, uses factory mounting points, and reuses factory hardware. The rear diffuser replaces the factory plastic diffuser and center diffuser replaces the chome piece. The spoiler simply mounts with an industrial automotive strength 3M-backed double-sided tape.

Is this real carbon fiber?

Yes, these are constructed using real carbon fiber (not a wrap). Note: these parts have a gloss finish.

What are the specifications/measurements of these parts?

These are simply factory replacements with similar specs.

What makes your spoiler different from the factory spoiler?

Our finish is gloss (versus matte). It’s a bit more sport/performance-oriented, aggressive and designed to accentuate the lines of the trunk.

How is this Carbon Fiber Sport Package (and it's carbon fiber parts) different from the Accent-E product you offer?

Although there are similarities -- both products are made of real carbon fiber -- for the most part, these are very different product offerings. The Carbon Fiber Sport Package are physical parts, whereas the Accent-E product(s) are carbon fiber appliques that simply adhere to different areas of the vehicle in order to "accent" the existing body design with carbon fiber strategically placed where the eye is drawn. Accent-E appliques are an economical choice for those looking to enhance the exterior with carbon fiber, but, the Carbon Fiber Sport Package offers actual carbon fiber parts that make a more bold (and performance-oriented) statement. And, please note: these products can also complement one another... some customers get both products in order to give the exterior that sport-performance carbon fiber appearance that so many Model S owners desire.

What is the product warranty for parts (or the whole) Carbon Fiber Sports Package?

The Carbon Fiber Sport Package carries a structural guarantee for the time you own your Tesla. Damage due to careless driving and/or collision with road hazard(s) are not covered under our warranty. All parts are test fit before they're made available to ensure optimum fitment. However, please note that aftermarket body parts do not fit exactly like OEM factory parts. Please note: we understand many of you pre-order parts prior to the arrival of your Tesla. Kindly inspect each box within 48hrs of delivery to ensure the integrity of your order. Please notify us no later 72hrs if what you received is incorrect or damaged. Any claims made after 72hrs of receipt will not be honored.

What is your Return Policy for parts (or the whole) Carbon Fiber Sports Package?

There is 30-day time period for returns. However, the parts must be new/uninstalled (as it was delivered) and will carry a 20% restocking fee. Shipping must be pre-paid by customer.

What is the shipping timeframe if I order parts (or the whole) Carbon Fiber Sports Package?

If you have ordered the these parts, we target delivery between 1 and 3 weeks from the day you place your order.

Is the Carbon Fiber Sports Package available for international shipping?

No. This is not available for international shipping at this time -- however, it is available for shipping to Canada only. If you'd like to be placed on the wait list for international shipping if/when available, please contact us.




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