Tesla Rules: Battery Electric Vehicles vs. Hydrogen Fuel Cells [Infographic]

In 2014, we published a blog post with a popular infographic showing the advantages of electric vehicle technology over hydrogen fuel cells. At the time, the Toyota Mirai was being compared with the Tesla Model S and we felt it was imperative to "set the record straight" as many thought the Mirai would unseat the Model S. That, needless to say, did not happen.

Some readers thought our infographic was too one-sided and we were "unfair" in our analysis. Yet, since that infographic, we're pleased to see a refreshing new video that compares both vehicles (Tesla Model S vs. Toyota Mirai) and both technologies (battery electric vehicle tech vs. hydrogen fuel cell tech). Similar to our conclusion, this video strongly favors battery electric vehicles as the superior approach. It also includes some compelling comments from Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] CEO Elon Musk who has been know to call this competing technology "fool cells" -- check it out below...

Source: 5 hours ahead

To present some of the opposing arguments for hydrogen fuel cells, we're also going to show a new infographic* below. It introduces the competing technologies by proposing that: "the best and brightest minds in the automotive world are going head to head to decide how you will power your car in the future. Will the car you drive run on hydrogen (as championed by Toyota) or will it be powered by a battery, possibly made by the market leading Tesla?"

Hydrogen fuel cell proponents are quick to point out range, energy, and "refueling" times as advantageous versus battery electric vehicles. But, as shown in the video above and in our prior infographic, those arguments do not provide the whole picture. Clearly, we believe battery electric vehicles, and market leader Tesla, to be the "champion" as evidenced in our prior infographic and the video we showcased above. Nevertheless, we thought it would be worthwhile to display some of the opposing POV in this new infographic* below...


*Source: Car Leasing Made Simple / Lead Image: Teslarati