Tesla Eye Candy 21 / Fun with Autopilot

This week, we've got some more beautiful Tesla Eye Candy images that we've curated throughout our digital travels. Our #1 pick this week is awarded to a two-time winner who recently contacted us about his very special Breast Cancer Awareness Tesla Model S (see below). Earlier this year, we also profiled the Breastcar which showcased another Tesla owner's support for this important cause. To check out all our favorite photos, just scroll down below to see who won this week's top picks. Enjoy!

Above: A 'Breast Cancer Awareness' Tesla Model S with Rear Lighted T and appliqué programmed with pink lights to match the car. Spoiler, rear applique, rear badges and emblem, all side chrome, mirrors and wheels sprayed with peelable paint. And don’t forget about the massive freehand-made ribbon draped over the hood and onto the front fascia. Owned, sprayed and designed by Florida Tesla owner Darren Lawecki.  

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And, for this week's Tesla Eye Candy video, check out this helpful autopilot demo by Electric Jen who wrote in her youtube description, "If you liked the video, please consider making a $1 donation (literally!) to the Free to Breathe walk in honor of Marc, a friend's non-smoke husband who at the age of 28 was diagnosed with lung cancer. He has since left us but his team and his cause is as strong as ever!" Be sure to donate and enjoy her excellent video below... 

Source: Electric Jen

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