Is this it? The Tesla Model 3.

In just two weeks, Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] is set to announce the Tesla Model 3 to the world. The big question remains... what will it look like? We have some clues regarding its construction, design, pricing/incentives, and features, but, information is limited thus far. Most of what we're hearing on the web is strictly gossip, guesstimates, and hearsay. But, some new clues are coming.

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Just a few hours earlier, Tesla Motors put together a teaser graphic (see below) that's got everyone talking. But, according to TeslaMondo, "It seems to be not only narrower, but also lower than Model S — until you measure the image on your screen. It’s just a copy/paste of the Model S image. Black tends to shrink objects. The press invitation promises drivable prototypes [more on this below]. Naked or camouflaged? Only the shadow knows . . ."

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That's right, according to SlashGear, "Questions had been raised as to exactly how much of the Model 3 we'd see when Tesla unveiled it, with some suggestions that the car might not even be physically present but instead only shown as concept photos. That seems to have been pessimistic, with Tesla suggesting that journalists present will see 'the Model 3 prototype' at the event. Those prototypes should, the invitation goes on to suggest, be functional, too. Press will be able 'to take a quick spin in what we've been working on,' Tesla says."

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And over at Teslarati, we got a sneak peek at the Tesla owner version of the invite, in which, "Tesla has officially released information on the upcoming Model 3 unveiling event to be held on March 31st at 7:00 pm at the Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne, CA. Similar to previous launch events held by Tesla, invitations were sent to most existing Tesla owners, but here’s the catch – only 650 lucky hopefuls will be selected by lottery to attend the highly anticipated Model 3 unveil event. Those that reply to the invitation by noon PST tomorrow, March 16, will have a chance to be randomly selected to attend the private Model 3 unveiling event. Official invitations will be sent to winners of the lottery on March 17." Check out the invite below...

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Yet according to Electrek, "A Tesla source has informed us that at least a few employees have been told that they will have first dibs on Model 3 reservations before the general public get access on March 31st." We're jealous of Tesla employees. They get first dibs? Hmmm... might be time to get a side gig at the local Tesla store.

In any event, do we know much more about the Tesla Model 3. Well... not really. But, we do have a video that shows a lot of guesswork by some wannabe car designers.

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Then, Jalopnik reported they received a phony  so-called leak that, "just isn’t very convincing, and far too close to the stock Model X photo to believe... aspects of this claim don’t make sense. Modern-day designers tend to use computer aided design tools, not weird Photoshops of currently-existing models, for one. So it could resemble the Model X simply because it’s somebody’s quick Photoshop made from a Model X press photo." Check out the image below (and Jalopnik's forensic evidence) proving it's just a fake...

As evidenced in Jalopnik's photos above, this clearly looks to be a photoshop fake and Tesla confirmed it's a fake to Jalopnik: "Tesla claims it’s not a Tesla image, and it’s not one that came from them.  They said 'this is not the Model 3.' They agreed it appeared to be a Photoshopped Model X press picture."

As always, we'll update you as more news comes our way...