Guess who the NFL's superstar is for the big game today? Tesla.

It's the biggest Sunday of the year for the NFL. Two football teams are definitely at odds today. However, it turns out the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers have one thing in common — their players are obsessed with Tesla. Whether it’s the torque or the tech, it’s quickly become "the new status symbol in the NFL" according to CNBC.

Above: Miami plays host to the big game and yes... Teslas will be tailgating with a 'frunk cooler' (Image: EVANNEX)

Bloomberg writer Tom Randall posted the clip on Twitter and remarked, "Tesla has achieved Super Bowl marketing nirvana: players from both teams [are] talking up their cars with no one getting paid to do it." He's right — while legacy automakers spend billions on advertising, Tesla spends no money on advertising (or sponsorship).

Above: CNBC sits down with players from the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers to talk about their favorite car, a Tesla (Source: CNBC)

And this isn't the first time CNBC found NFL players that love Tesla. A few years ago, Brett Celek from the Philadelphia Eagles sat down with Jim Cramer and expressed his affinity for Tesla saying, "I love it, I love Elon... I like the Model 3 they came out with [but] personally I want to get their pickup truck... they're a great company."

Denver Broncos' Jordan Norwood also called his Tesla "out of this world" in an interview. Other NFL players who have shown love for Tesla include BeastMode (aka Marshawn Lynch from the Seattle Seahwks), New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, and Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews.

And the NFL isn't the only sports league with professional athletes who have a thing for Tesla. In the NBA, Tesla owners include two-time MVP Steve Nash, All-Star Blake Griffin, Utah Jazz shooting guard Gordan Daniel HaywardLaMarcus Aldridge of the Portland Trail Blazers, and superstar Steph Curry.

And it's not just football and basketball stars either, BMX legend Mat Hoffman and skateboarding icon Tony Hawk own a Tesla too.


Source: CNBC