Electric Avenue: Tesla's ambitions forecasted by Elon Musk [Video]

Too obsessive about Tesla news? Yes, I'm guilty. Good thing, I've got this blog as an outlet to dish the latest Tesla Motors news on a daily basis. Yet, after giving some on-camera feedback of my Tesla Model 3 test drive at the official launch event courtesy of CleanTechnica, I figured it might be worthwhile to provide some video-based analysis of recent Tesla news, especially regarding Elon Musk's bold forecast coming out of last week's Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] Q1 earnings report. 

So we filmed an episode of "Electric Avenue" -- yes, it's a cool song by Eddy Grant, but, more importantly, it's named after the street on which the Tesla Gigafactory is being built in Sparks, Nevada. So with Tesla Model 3 preorders at 400,000, this video reviews Elon Musk's ambitious predictions for Tesla's deliveries leading up to a grand total of one million cars in 2020. Also, check out a Tesla Model X outracing a Ferrari with the coolest features of any SUV on the market today, including Bioweapon Defense Mode. And as covered on the blog here many times before, I review our favorite "Tesla Eye Candy" including amazing video footage at the Tesla Gigafactory.

With Electric Avenue being home to the Gigafactory, the street address represents an integral part of Tesla's future. And, well... it makes for a better video moniker than the Electric Slide. In any event, the future of the electric vehicle rests securely on Tesla's shoulders. And, the future of the Tesla Model 3 - at least its battery pack - rests securely in the Tesla Gigafactory. To that end, you can always check out the latest Gigafactory update. After all, Tesla co-founder and CTO, JB Straubel just proclaimed in a recent interview at the Gigafactory: "“We’re confident that eventually just about every vehicle on the road will move to being electric."