Imagine if everyone was driving a Tesla [Tesla Eye Candy 55]

We recently launched our Tesla news round-up show, Electric Avenue, where we'll be showing off more of our favorite Tesla Eye Candy uncovered on the web and throughout social media. But, we wanted to return back to our 55th installment of our Tesla Eye Candy series here on the blog in order to catch up on some stunning Tesla images -- yes, you've just got to see these pix! And video... I was floored by the gorgeous video Tesla just released showing a zero emissions Model S road trip in China. Scroll down to check it all out.

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Just yesterday, Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] released this breathtaking video in which they show: "20 Chinese Model S owners set off on a road trip to explore East China driving through historic towns and picturesque tea fields making stops at charging stations along the way." We've reviewed Tesla's extensive progress being made in China. So, I love this video's conclusion when one Chinese Tesla owner asks, "Imagine if everyone was driving a Tesla" -- well... I hope that the Model 3 brings that reality closer than it is today. And, good news: according to South China Morning Post, China is the second largest market for Tesla Model 3.

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