What if Edison drove a Tesla? [Tesla Eye Candy 57]

Yeah, Edison invented the lightbulb. But, then again, Nikola Tesla did some amazing things well... and hey, he's got the name that inspired the most exciting car company to come along this century. It's been awhile but our Tesla Eye Candy series is back. We're bringing you up-to-speed on the coolest Tesla photos (and featured video) that we've come across in our digital travels. Of course, our favorite place to spot gorgeous Tesla photos is on Instagram. So, without further delay, here are our favorite Tesla Eye Candy images. And to answer the question posed in the title of this blog post, scroll down to our featured video.

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Next up, check out Thomas Edison getting a bit freaked out when he learns that he's driving in a Tesla. This comedic skit from the History Channel features actor Jason Sudeikas playing Thomas Edison and he's not too happy when he discovers that "Nicky" Tesla turns out to be the namesake of the very cool car he's driving in...

Youtube: HISTORY

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