Kids are surprised and amazed by Tesla [Tesla Eye Candy 60]

If you want to get a sneak peek into what the next generation of kids feel about the future of cars, it's worth checking out their opinion on Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA]. Thrillist calls the Tesla Model 3 the "millennial dream car... the ease of ordering up a super-affordable Model 3 online and having it show up at your door, just like an Amazon delivery, is pretty intriguing. Throw in the promise of cool technology and minimal driver interaction (as in, push a button and the car parks for you) and you've got a recipe to transform millennials from reluctant drivers to enthusiastic end users." We've got some fun Tesla Eye Candy videos [scroll down below] that show even younger kids thrilled at the experience they get in a Tesla. But first, let's take a look at our curated images in this edition of Tesla Eye Candy.

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Next up, we've got some fun videos of kids being surprised and amazed by both the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. Whether it's the joy of seeing a Tesla delivered to your driveway, or, playing tricks on your kids using Tesla's Autopilot or Ludicrous mode -- these videos really showcase how much fun kids (and their parents) have experiencing a Tesla first-hand. Check these videos out below...

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