How will the Model X Production model look?


Yes, we know. There are many photos out there of various beta (and alpha) models of the Model X prototype. But, what will the final production car look like once it's finalized? We may soon find out in January at the Detroit Auto Show. Until then, we can only guess what the production model will look like -- it's the details we're most interested in finding out.

We did some digging and found some intriguing hints from Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. According Motley Fool, Elon insisted that the car must "blow people away." More specifically, Musk said one of the challenges was in making the production version meaningfully better than the prototype version, he explained "I should say that the production version of the Model X actually looks different from this. It looks better. ... At Tesla, whenever we show a car as a demonstration item, the production car will always be better than what people saw." Musk has emphasized this in numerous interviews.

So, we dug a bit deeper. And, we found some clues deep in a sub-reddit dedicated to Tesla Motors. We can't verify these photos, but, they look quite promising. It appears recent and they're taken/hidden in a garage (possibly at Tesla's LA Design Studio)?

To check them out, click this link below...

Possible Model X Teaser Photos

We were especially interested in the side mirrors which appear to be replaced with cameras. Of great interest to us were the photos of front end carbon fiber accents that look very similar to the aftermarket carbon fiber accents we designed for the Model S nosecone. If this is the final "Production" version of the Model X (or even close to final), we definitely approve.