Part 2: Inside look at Tesla Model S "Teardown"

Based on the immense popularity of our last Tesla Teardown (Part 1) blog post, we wanted to follow up with a "deeper dive" into the hidden inner-workings of the Tesla Model S. The Tesla teardown project from IHS Technology offers an inside look at the Premium Media Control Unit, the Instrument Cluster and the Battery.


Once again, we were impressed with IHS Technology's Andrew Rassweiler who provides his overview, background, and approach used on CNBC...

Tesla Teardown (Part 2)

So what did IHS Technology find? In Part 2, we are joined once again by Dylan McGrath from Electronics360 and Andrew Rassweiler at IHS Technology. To start, we find some revealing insights into the in-cabin electronics. At 3 minutes, we see the bezel for the 17" touchscreen which dwarfs a Jeep display unit (as comparison). At 4 minutes, we're treated to a look at the Motherboard (Main PCB) which appears to be made by Tesla themselves -  uncommon for automotive electronics and another indication of Tesla's Silicon Valley roots. We then get a peek at the on-board battery charger, and, at the 6 minute mark we encounter the gearbox, motor, inverter and the mysterious thermal "goo" used for cooling. Last, we get a look at the battery pack.

Source: IHS Technology