Video Footage: White Model X caught on film in Palo Alto

In the past few weeks we've been treated to a few sneak peeks at a (possible) Tesla Model X prototype. 

Just a few weeks back (Feb. 26) we also saw this white Model X with silver-colored wheels and some white camo-wrap to sort of confuse the eye on it's exact design.

 Tesla model x spotted

Photo Source: @JKDmobile / Twitter

Then, late yesterday we caught another glimpse via video of (what looks like) the same Model X driving on a highway in Palo Alto from youtube user: nbkagzw13. This time we get an excellent front view and again see the same white wrap surrounding the car obscuring the nose cone, lights, and other identifying Tesla markings. Video follows below...


Personally, I like the Model X spotted earlier with the black wheels even better, but, either way it's looking like we're getting closer to product launch based on all these sightings.

Update (as of 3/25/2015)

It appears there have been a number of new sightings of the Model X -- this time with the black wheels (no center cap) both on Instagram and also on Autobild.